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Nantong Chemical Industry Park "filters out" backward production capacity

at the work conference on eliminating backward production capacity in Jiangsu Province held on June 27, all cities in the province defined the target and task of eliminating backward production capacity in 2010: 1.1 million kw of small thermal power, 1.81 million tons of coke, 165000 tons of chemical fiber and other industries will be eliminated. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of this work, Chen Zhenyu, deputy leader of the provincial coordination group for the elimination of backward production capacity and director of the economic and Information Technology Commission, highlighted the upcoming implementation opinions of Jiangsu Province on accelerating the elimination of backward production capacity and the assessment measures of Jiangsu Province on the elimination of backward production capacity. What effect and impact will the Jiangsu provincial government's target plan on eliminating backward production and using energizer energy have on Nantong's chemical industry, which is at the forefront of industrial parks in the province? An in-depth interview was conducted in early July

"we believe that the chemical industry park is the most effective way to eliminate backward production capacity and develop green chemical industry." Zhang Yuehua, director of Nantong Economic and Trade Commission, said. "At the end of last year, the last batch of chemical enterprises, including Jiangshan Co., Ltd., moved away from the Yaogang old chemical zone, marking the basic realization of the park orientation of Nantong chemical enterprises. This enabled Nantong Chemical to take the initiative in eliminating backward production capacity and gain the first opportunity."

it is understood that in recent years, relying on the local resource advantages and policy support, the chemical industry in Nantong has actively implemented the overall requirements of maintaining growth, expanding domestic demand and adjusting the structure. Taking the opportunity of chemical enterprises leaving the city and entering the park, six fully functional chemical parks have been established. At the same time, during the construction of the park, attention was paid to industrial adjustment and upgrading of product structure. Only "green" was the choice, and attention was paid to low carbon, which promoted the rapid and healthy development of the city's chemical industry. In 2009, the city's 625 large-scale high-molecular material processing industries in China were subject to energy, resources and environment. Chemical Enterprises above the level of energy, resources and environment achieved a sales revenue of 79.5 billion yuan, an increase of 18% year-on-year, accounting for 13.5% of the city's industrial sales revenue

according to Zhang Yuehua, through policy standardization and integration of production factors, at present, the layout and industrial distribution of the six chemical parks with relatively complete functions in the whole Nantong city are as follows: the chemical park in Nantong Development Zone is dominated by new synthetic materials, pesticides, new medicines, and special Jinan experimental machine factory officially plans to expand the scope of color fine chemicals in 2017; The Yangkou Chemical Industrial Park in Rudong County mainly focuses on petrochemical industry and its supporting industries, natural gas chemical industry and fine chemical industry; The chemical industry park of Rugao port development zone mainly focuses on refined oil warehousing and logistics and fine chemicals; Qidong Binjiang fine chemical industry park mainly focuses on biomedicine (Marine Medicine) and fine chemical industry; Hai'an Fine Chemical Industry Park focuses on the manufacturing of basic chemical raw materials and medicine at the beginning of fatigue and failure; Linjiang new area of Haimen City (Haimen Qinglong chemical industry concentration area and Haimen LingDian industrial concentration area) mainly focuses on biomedicine and new materials

it is understood that the industrialization of Nantong Chemical Industry Park is not a simple relocation and displacement of chemical enterprises. Expanding, strengthening, environmental protection and safety are its leading philosophy and enterprise relocation rules. For example, Jiangshan took the initiative to eliminate the capacity of 90000 tons of diaphragm caustic soda with high energy consumption and 130000 tons of calcium carbide PVC resin with serious pollution. "During the construction of Daxing chemical industry park, Nantong highlighted the concept of green environmental protection and paid attention to industrial upgrading." Zhang Yuehua said

the rise of Nantong green chemical industry is more closely related to the improvement of the entry threshold of development zones based on the concept of "innovation driven development, high efficiency, low carbon and green". According to Dong Kexin, deputy director of the Management Committee of Nantong Development Zone, chemical enterprises stationed in various chemical parks must pass two passes: first, their products must comply with the national industrial development policy; Secondly, we must strictly meet the emission standards. Therefore, through strict selection, the chemical enterprises settled in the park have achieved "body health". "At present, Nantong Chemical Industry Park has emerged a number of enterprise clusters with industrial characteristics, domestic status and potential development. The industrial chain focusing on high-efficiency, low toxicity, low residue, broad-spectrum, safe new pesticide and new dosage series, chemical basic raw materials, fine chemicals and pharmaceutical chemicals has begun to take shape." Dongkexin said

"Nantong chemical industry, through the upgrading and construction of parks and the green screening of variety structure, has the conditions to build a '100 billion level' chemical industry sector." Zhang Yuehua revealed the development prospect of Nantong chemical industry. According to the requirements of "Nantong Petrochemical and new chemical materials industry transformation and upgrading planning outline (2009-2011)", by accelerating the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure, coastal parks should vigorously develop petrochemical and natural gas chemical industry chains; The park along the river should vigorously develop fine chemicals, new chemical materials, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and other products. The specific new goals for this year and next are to build a base, strive for two major projects, and increase three proportions. That is, taking advantage of Nantong's advantageous position at the intersection of the river and the sea, we should actively develop the oil storage, transportation and processing industry, and build it into an important domestic petroleum and chemical industry base; Strive to launch the two major projects of 10million tons of oil refining and 1million tons of ethylene, seize the opportunity of Jiangsu coastal development rising to the national strategy, include the development plan of Yangkou Port petrochemical industry in the national "12th Five Year" industrial development plan, and build a large-scale refining and chemical integration industrial chain project; Increase the number of Chemical Enterprises above 100 million yuan by 10 percentage points, increase the number of large-scale enterprises in the park by 20 percentage points, and increase the sales revenue of new chemical materials industry by 5 percentage points

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