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Last week, the production and marketing profile of PE enterprises nationwide

Daqing Petrochemical: high pressure production of f-18d, low pressure production of 5000S in three lines, linear production of 7042, polypropylene production of BOPP, ready for production until the end of the month. The ex factory price of our products has not changed this week. The sales of low-pressure polyethylene is good, the sales of high-pressure polyethylene is stable, and the sales of linear polyethylene has slowed down recently. The overall market has not changed much. Yanhua company: one production line of the old high voltage is shut down for minor repair, and the other two production lines produce 1i2a and 1f7b respectively; Ld605 produced by new high voltage device; High density units produce 5000S and 5200b. The products are sold on average, and the inventory is not high. Shanghai Petrochemical: high density output, energy conservation and environmental protection are the inevitable trend of recycled plastic granulator. The factory price is reduced and the sales are flat. High pressure prices remain unchanged and sales are stable. Yangzi Petrochemical: HDPE sales are OK, and the price is increased by 50 yuan/ton. The linear price remains unchanged, and the sales are average. Two lines of HDPE device produce 5000S; The full density PE device produces 7042. Maoming Petrochemical: the linear unit is planned to shut down due to failure, and the high-pressure production is normal. The product sales are average, and the inventory is normal. Lanzhou Petrochemical: at present, the unit is running normally and the sales are flat. At present, the sales price remains stable. The sales price of our company in the province is increased linearly, and the prices of other varieties are unchanged from the previous period. The outlook is bearish. Jihua company: the sales price of powder is reduced. Linear sales are flat and production is normal. Panjin Ethylene: the production of polyethylene plant is normal. The product sales were flat, and the linear price was increased by 50 yuan. Inventory is not high. Dushanzi Petrochemical: it produces injection plastic hd6070 and linear material ll0209, and its sales are normal. Fushun uses the unique vacuum resin pouring of hull and deck composite materials engineering, which can generally require that the rubber tension experiment can obtain the force value with more than two decimal places to achieve the lightest Petrochemical: normal production, unchanged ex factory price, stable sales, and declining inventory. Jinfei Petrochemical: the price remains unchanged, the sales are OK, and the inventory is low. The device currently produces 50100. Zhongyuan Petrochemical: at present, the production of our company is normal, the sales of 7050 is general, the trading volume is small, the price is 5900 yuan tons, the train is 5850 yuan/ton, and the inventory is 2100 tons. Tianjin Petrochemical: the PE unit failed yesterday, and the current production load is low. Currently, it produces 9085. The product sales are not good, and the price is prepared to be reduced by 50 yuan/ton. The linear arrival of imports in Tianjin port is not centralized, the port inventory is normal, and the price is generally yuan/ton. Guangzhou Petrochemical: the market price has rebounded this week, and the transaction has been active. Our factory has normal production and stable price. Qilu Petrochemical: the production of each unit is normal, the sales are stable, and the inventory is reduced

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