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Corrugating machine production management system (I)

corrugating machine production management system is a computer control system used to assist the automatic production of corrugating machine. It uses accurate sensors and fast computing of computer to detect and control the corrugating machine equipment in a series at the appropriate time, simulating manual operation actions. These controls include speed adjustment, gap adjustment, paste adjustment, raw paper material control The calculation of the remaining amount of paper roll, the control of the paper receiving machine, and the rotation. Now the aluminum lithium alloy has been widely used in aerospace, such as the setting of the machine of a medium-sized agricultural film factory, etc. The purpose is to save manpower, increase output, reduce losses, and then achieve the purpose of planned production

generally speaking, using the corrugated machine production management system can roughly control the raw material loss rate of corrugated machine production below 2.5%. Compared with the 5%-8% base paper loss of manual production, about 3%-5% base paper can be saved every day. If a factory produces 1000 tons of paper every month, at least 30 tons of paper can be saved every month, and 360 tons of paper can be saved every year. If one ton of paper is calculated at an average of 2500 yuan, You can save 900000 yuan a year

in Europe and the United States and other advanced countries, almost all corrugated machines are equipped with such equipment because of the high labor cost; In China, due to the success of market opening-up and economic reform in recent years, the industrial packaging industry is also regarded as a big cake by countries. There are super large cross international groups from the United States, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia with their strong capital, technology, equipment and domestic investment. Therefore, the past glory of ougao profits no longer exists, but is replaced by the dilemma of "falling prices and rising raw materials year by year"

with the increasing competition in the market and the increasing cost of raw materials, the industry must seriously consider the problem of "how to improve performance and reduce costs"; The result of extension is that some enterprises invest in higher speed corrugated machine equipment, hoping to expand the market volume to make up for meager profits, while others adopt the way of "machine reform", hoping to improve the current production equipment with the least capital, so as to control the internal loss cost and maintain the competitiveness of the market; However, no matter what strategy is adopted, the primary task is to control the raw materials accounting for nearly 70% of the total cost. Therefore, the market requirements of "corrugated machine production management system" came into being

looking at the current market, the production management hook of corrugating machine is connected with 1 hammer hook; The buffer device includes 1 buffer spring system, which is dazzling, and is equipped with machinery manufacturers, such as German BHS, American marquip, Japanese Mitsubishi, etc; There are additional ones, such as copar in the United States, CPMS system of Yuhuan in Taiwan, golden card production management in Beijing mountain, Lake in China, etc. There are all kinds of rubber tensile testing machines. When testing rubber materials, the journey of the rubber tensile testing machine is extremely large. Only by the explanation of the salesperson or by the price, the industry often has no choice, especially the domestic general industry is less familiar with such products, and it is easy to listen to the boasting and assurance of the supplier. As a result, after spending money to buy cheap goods, it not only fails to achieve the expected effect, On the contrary, it causes more troubles and complaints

in order to reduce the waste and trouble of investors, the author is willing to analyze and sort out the experience of more than ten years in this field, hoping to provide some references for the industry when purchasing

when you are planning to purchase a suitable and reasonably priced production management system, please pay attention to the following points first:

first, what are the corrugating machines available for control

first of all, the operator should know how to equip his corrugating machine, for example:

a. whether the single pit machine adopts button speed control or knob speed regulation

b. is there an automatic paper feeder? How fast can I pick up paper

c. is there a synchronous rotary shear

d. is there a NC separator? Is there a connection window

e. is there an NC crosscutting machine? Is there a connection window

f. is there an NC stacker? Whether there is a connection window

because different machines have different control methods, especially when purchasing foreign machinery and equipment, it is necessary to determine whether there is an "interface card" for purchasing external connections and the specification and protocol of connection control. Otherwise, the machine cannot be controlled by other external computers except the original manufacturer. Generally speaking, the connecting "window" of the separator, Crosscutter and stacker made in Europe and America are optional functions, and the price is about US $3000 to US $8000. In addition, the common domestic and Taiwan machinery generally has taken this connection "window" as the standard equipment, but remember to ask the manufacturer to provide the connection information, otherwise because the NC control part, the machinery factory is also outsourced, and if it is not made clear during installation, there will be many disputes in the future

at the same time, it is more necessary to ask the supplier of "corrugated machine production management system" to provide the actual performance of connecting and controlling this type of mechanical equipment. Don't listen to the boast of the supplier at will. In case the corrugated machine production management system can't connect and control these equipment, the gain is not worth the loss. (to be continued)

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