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Suixian wire threading pipe production description

suixian wire threading pipe production description

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suixian wire threading pipe production description

hot dip plastic power cable threading protective pipe is based on hot-dip galvanized pipe, and the plastic coated steel pipe inside and outside is lined with PE and PEX plastic. Through certain technology, the plastic is bonded to the inner wall of the steel pipe. Its chemical function is stable, and it has clean cleaning It has high mechanical strength and has the characteristics of plastic pipe and steel pipe. The specific characteristics are: hbcygdcyzjlqw has smooth inner wall, small fluid resistance in the pipe, no scaling, no reproduction of microorganisms, no secondary pollution of the fluid, no water rust and other questions for drinking water, and it is the material of physical and internal coating: Polyethylene (PE), cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), epoxy resin (EP), and the anti-corrosion pipeline is mainly used for the acid liquid in petrochemical, electric power, light industry and other work plants Transportation of alkali liquor, salt liquor and various chemical and sewage. Price list of dfpb bimetallic heavy protective bridge protection pipeline at present, the widely used pipeline corrosion detection methods at home and abroad are magnetic flux leakage method and ultrasonic detection method- Working principle of magnetic flux leakage detector the working principle of magnetic flux leakage pipeline corrosion detection equipment is to use its own magnet to generate a longitudinal magnetic loop field on the whole circumference of the pipe wall. If there are no defects on the pipe wall, the magnetic lines of force are confined within the pipe wall and evenly distributed. If the pipe or outer wall is defective, the magnetic path will be narrowed, and the magnetic line of force will be deformed. When the plastic coated steel pipe is buried, due to the weight of the medium and the actual working state, there will be vibration in the dynamic process, coupled with the soil's own settlement factors, over time, the traditional groove or flange connection will inevitably have leakage, which is not easy to find. Hbcygdcyzjlqw therefore, ordinary metal pipes choose direct welding, which has stable and reliable performance, but this method leads to the destruction of the inner wall coating during the welding of plastic coated steel pipes, which eventually leads to the coating not reaching its corrosion resistance. Wear resistant effect. Plastic coated cable threading steel pipe will be coated with plastic in manufacturing. At the same time, in the later use, it will slowly reflect its advantages, and constantly feel the good use of plastic coated steel pipes, mainly because of the plastic coating on the surface. Thermosetting plastics are made by taking concentrated resin as the basic component and adding fillers, curing agents and other additives. After curing and forming at a certain temperature, this kind of plastic will become insoluble and will not soften under general heat. Hbcygdcyzjlqw can only be decomposed and destroyed under strong heat, and cannot be molded repeatedly. Secondly, it also has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Corrosion resistance enables it to have overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and other protective devices, which can well prevent the cables inside from being damaged by oxidation and corrosion

hot dip plastic cable steel pipe hbcygdcyzjlqw hot dip plastic power threading steel pipe is used at an ambient temperature of -15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃. The threading pipe has excellent mechanical properties. Excellent corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance of threading pipe, working pressure more than 2.5MPa. The surface of the threading pipe is smooth, the fluid resistance is small, there is no scaling, and it is not suitable for breeding microorganisms. Small coefficient of thermal expansion, no shrinkage deformation. Traditional installation and connection mode. The more effective axle load of the train with epoxy plastic coating on the threading pipe will be gradually increased from the existing 23t to 30t, which solves the corrosion of water transmission, burying and acid, alkali and salt to the metal pipeline, and the service life can reach more than 50 years. The electric plastic coated composite steel pipe we often use has many characteristics. First of all, the electric power plastic coated steel pipe has excellent corrosion resistance. The internal and external surfaces of the electric power plastic coated steel pipe have been processed by the plastic coating process, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the product, making the electric power plastic coated steel pipe meet the requirements of many working environments. secondly. Polyethylene internally coated epoxy anticorrosive steel pipes are also increasingly suitable for drainage and seawater. Our externally polymerized polyethylene internally coated epoxy corrosion-resistant steel pipe can be more suitable for the escort of drainage oil, hbcygdcyzjlqw gas and other media in our daily life. It can play the role of insulation without leakage, which greatly increases the safety factor. The internal and external plastic coated steel pipe for power is a kind of composite pipe. Its inner wall melts polyethylene, resin, non-toxic polyvinyl chloride, ethylene acrylic acid and other organic substances. Some magnetic lines of force will also pass out of the tube wall to produce the so-called magnetic leakage. The steel pipe surface needs phosphating treatment, especially shot blasting treatment, which will greatly improve the adhesion of plastic film. Product usage: the anti-corrosion and thermal insulation steel pipes produced by our factory are widely used in oil, natural gas, gas, tap water, chemical pipeline, power casing, sewage treatment, steel structure, central heating, thermal power generation and other projects, as well as building structures, bridge components, foundation piling and other projects. The materials include ordinary and high-quality carbon structural steel (q215-a ~ q275-a and 10 ~ 50 steel), low alloy steel (09mnv, 16Mn, etc.), alloy steel, stainless and acid resistant steel, etc. According to the purpose, it can be divided into general purpose (for water transmission, gas pipeline and structural parts, mechanical parts) and special purpose (for boiler, geological exploration, bearing, acid resistance, etc.). It is widely used in the construction of power, communication, transportation, municipal, mining, petroleum, chemical and other pipeline systems in all regions of the country. Hot dip plastic steel conduit is widely used in power cable engineering, power transmission and transformation construction engineering, communication and optical cable line engineering, cross sea and river cable protection engineering, airport, traffic road and bridge, Industrial Park Cable Engineering, municipal construction underground cable engineering; Hot dip plastic cable conduit can also be used in civil and industrial water distribution, sewage discharge and other projects

it can enhance the mechanical properties of the anti-corrosion coating in order to meet the requirements under different conditions. Another high-density polymer. Three oil and two cloth anticorrosive steel pipes e anticorrosive steel pipes have convenient connection and various methods in construction. So far, it is a globally recognized pipeline anti-corrosion coating with effect * and performance * and has been applied in many projects. At present, domestic anti-corrosion steel pipe manufacturers have made relevant analysis on the performance of anti-corrosion steel pipes. Among them, the anti-corrosion steel pipes still have a better thermal insulation effect, the heat loss is only 25% of the pipe, and the long-term operation will also save more power, and the obvious power cost. The anti-corrosion steel pipes produced by hbcygdcyzjlqw anti-corrosion steel pipe manufacturers still have relatively strong waterproof and corrosion resistance, and there is no need to lay pipe trenches, It can be directly buried in the ground or water. The construction is simple and agile, and the comprehensive cost is relatively low. The anti-corrosion steel pipe also has superior corrosion resistance and impact resistance under the premise of low temperature, so it can directly buy underground frozen soil. And the service life is as long as years, and the accurate device and application can also reduce the pipe cost

suixian wire threading pipe production description dfpb heavy protective bridge protection pipe the raw materials required for this product are plastic powder and steel pipe. Raw materials need to be purchased at the beginning of the whole processing. The plastic powder commonly used for fire protection is epoxy resin. The steel pipe model used is seamless steel pipe, straight seam steel pipe or spiral pipe. The first step is to inspect the raw materials after purchasing, especially the steel pipe model, length and wall thickness need to be measured. At the same time, the company produces all kinds of anti-corrosion coatings, the main products are ipn8710 polyurethane polyethylene anti-corrosion coatings; At the same time, the plastic coated threading pipe also has the characteristics of softness, high temperature resistance and compression resistance. When the temperature changes, its own expansion range is small. Because of its good anti-interference ability, it also well protects the cable. The advantages of using hot-dip plastic steel cable protection pipe are as follows: firstly, casing laying is adopted; The casing laying is adopted, and its construction is simple. Some of the commercially available tension machines are 10~500 mm/min, which saves investment and is convenient for maintenance. Therefore, it is widely used in current engineering construction. Strong adhesion. The epoxy resin curing system contains highly active epoxy group, hydroxyl group, ether bond, amine bond, ester bond and other polar groups, which gives the epoxy cured product excellent adhesion to the steel pipe substrate. Series silicone high temperature resistant coatings; Acid series anticorrosive coatings, etc. the film has excellent comprehensive properties such as oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance, benzene and other chemical media, as well as wear resistance, moisture resistance and so on. Plastic coated steel pipes are widely used in water supply and drainage of high-rise buildings, fire sprinkler, HVAC, internal and external corrosion prevention of cables, heat resistance and corrosion prevention of natural gas and cold and hot circulating water pipelines, seawater circulation system, industrial system, circulating water system, deionized purified water system, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant system, anti scaling and antibacterial anti-corrosion system, internal and external anti-corrosion system, Ylang cable sheath, fire sprinkler system, thermal insulation and anti-corrosion system, Hbcygdcyzjlqw chemical heavy anti-corrosion system, etc. Different plastic coatings of hot-dip plastic cable threading protective tubes can meet the requirements of external temperature of -40 ℃ -90 ℃, which is suitable for high and low voltage cable threading. Various ways can be adopted for pipeline connection, which greatly facilitates the on-site construction. The plastic coated steel pipe used for cable threading has both the degree of common steel pipe and the anti-corrosion function of plastic grease products. The pressure resistance function of the product reaches MPa. Pipe color: Red diameter planning dn15-dn1200 can be painted with flanges and pressure grooves. This product is widely used and is suitable for the corrosion prevention of steel structures and mechanical equipment, all kinds of storage tanks, transmission pipelines and other steel products in marine facilities, petrochemical industry, construction industry and other industrial and mining enterprises

suixian wire threading pipe production description dfpb heavy protective bimetal bridge protection pipe hot-dip plastic composite steel pipe can be applied to coal mines, ventilation systems, fire water supply systems, HVAC circulating water pipelines, industrial water supply and drainage, domestic water supply and drainage, gas and other gas transmission, power threading, chemical transmission pipelines and seawater treatment pipelines. Plastic coated cable casing is a new composite material made of welded steel pipe or seamless steel pipe, which is fused on the inner wall by special process, sprayed or adsorbed with food grade epoxy powder coating or PE raw material and cured at high temperature. Steel plastic composite pipes coated with polyethylene or modified epoxy resin powder inside and outside. It has extremely strong chemical stability and corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties and high compressive strength, which can play a very good role in protecting cables.

suixian wire threading pipe production description

the production process of plastic coated steel pipes for cables is hot-dip plastic. Polyethylene powder is used inside and outside, while epoxy resin is used for plastic coated steel pipes. At the same time, the coating itself also has good electrical insulation, and will not produce electric corrosion. Plastic coated fire steel pipes, Based on the steel pipe, the outer wall is coated with thermosetting powder paint with high adhesion, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and the inner wall is coated with high adhesion. Anticorrosive, food grade, hygienic thermoplastic powder coating, cable threading protection of power engineering, application scope of hot dip plastic cable threading pipe: hot dip plastic power threading pipe is mainly suitable for telecommunication cable threading protection, plastic coated composite pipe product 1 Underground shotcreting, positive and negative pressure ventilation, pumping, fire water and other pipes. However, with the mature technology, strong capital, strong brand influence and cash coming from the coating giants to declare war, domestic domestic coating enterprises were excluded, but their profitability was obvious to all. 2. The film-forming coating has better resistance to chemical media, electrical insulation, microbial erosion and seawater. In particular, the water absorption is small, and it is far more resistant to microbial erosion than petroleum asphalt. 3. Long service life. In order to correctly use epoxy coal tar pitch anticorrosive steel pipes for buried steel pipes, the anticorrosive coating and the service life of buried steel pipes should be constructed in strict accordance with the following requirements: first, construction technology requirements 1 Steel pipe surface treatment When the paint viscosity is too high,

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