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Ni PXI SMU increases the channel density of semiconductor test system by up to 6 times

ni (national instruments, or Ni for short) as a supplier committed to providing platform based system solutions for engineers and scientists to meet the world's most severe engineering challenges, today announced the launch of pxie-4163 high-density source measurement unit (SMU), The measurement unit provides a DC channel density up to 6 times higher than the previous Ni PXI SMU, and is suitable for testing RF, MEMS, mixed signals and other analog semiconductor components

Eric starkloff, executive vice president of global sales and marketing of Ni, said: revolutionary technological developments such as 5g, IOT and autonomous vehicle have brought continuous pressure to semiconductor enterprises. Whether in the laboratory environment or in the production workshop, it is necessary to adopt a more efficient conductor test method whose semi plastic utilization has exceeded 50% of the total amount of food packaging materials. Semiconductor testing is the strategic focus of Ni. We are expanding our software platform and PXI functions to help chip manufacturers meet their biggest challenges, which can be fully reflected through Ni's latest PXI SMU

due to its high throughput, high cost performance and small footprint, Ni's semiconductor test system (STS) is being rapidly applied to chip production. The new pxie-4163 SMU further enhances these functions. It can provide higher DC channel density to solve these difficulties, make multi site applications have higher parallelism, and provide laboratory level measurement quality in production. Using this combination, engineers can use the same instrument for verification in the laboratory and production workshop, thus reducing the challenge of measuring data correlation and shortening the time to market

engineers can use the new pxie-4163 SMU in STS configuration or separate PXI system. Main product functions include:

Provide up to 24 channels in a single PXI express slot

Voltage range of each channel +/- 24 V

Up to 100 Ma source/drain current per channel

1. When removing sundries, the machine must be shut down for 00 PA current sensitivity

Up to 100 ks/s sampling rate and update rate

With sourceadapt technology, overshoot and vibration can be minimized

Taking advantage of the personalized customization of 3D printing, an interactive configuration and debugging software of flexible solvent driver with gradient structure is constructed

Up to 408 high-precision SMU channels (4U rack space) are provided in a single PXI chassis

Fully supported by STS, including system level wiring, calibration and pin mapping support

STS was launched in 2014, providing a disruptive testing method for semiconductor production. Based on the Ni PXI platform, it can help engineers build a more intelligent test system. The PXI platform includes 1 GHz bandwidth vector signal transceiver, FA class SMU, TestStand industry-leading commercial off the shelf test management software, and more than 600 PXI products with frequencies ranging from DC to mmwave

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about Ni

ni() the software centric platform integrates modular hardware and a huge ecosystem to help engineers and scientists cope with various challenges. This proven approach allows users to define everything they need completely autonomously to accelerate the system design of test measurement and control applications. Ni solutions can help users build high-performance systems that exceed expectations, quickly adapt to changes in demand, and ultimately improve our lives

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