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Nippon Paint has directly purchased aiside with about 1trillion yen in cash

Nippon Paint has directly purchased aiside with about 1trillion yen in cash

December 4, 2017

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according to Kyodo News International on Thursday, Nippon Paint Holdings has directly purchased the United States with about 1trillion yen (about US $8.9 billion) in cash. The details can be discussed in detail. The selection of the range of a instrument and equipment should first protect the reliability or damage of the instrument and equipment during the test process; secondly, meet the reduced measurement error xalta, so as to strengthen overseas business under the increasingly mature domestic market

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this is the largest acquisition attempt of a foreign company in Japan this year. If Nippon Paint buys Ashtar, their total revenue will reach about 1trillion yen, almost twice the current sales of Nippon Paint, and their global market share will rise to the fourth place

Japanese coating material manufacturers also expect to improve profitability, because the acquisition may reduce material costs and improve the cost-effectiveness of R & D

according to sources, Sumitomo Mitsubishi Banking Corp and Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, the main creditor banks of Nippon Paint, may provide the full amount to Nippon Paint for acquisition

according to the recent stock price, the market value of Ashtar paint systems is $8.9 billion

Nippon Paint has been eyeing the acquisition of aiside, which is famous for its strength in automotive coatings, since it acquired Dunn Edwards Corp., an American architectural coating manufacturer, in March. This Japanese company accelerated its negotiations with aiside after aiside announced on November 21 that it had concluded merger negotiations with AkzoNobel, its Dutch counterpart

if the negotiations between Japanese and American companies are quickly concluded, the acquisition process can be completed after the antitrust review in the main markets next summer

according to the data of recof, a Japanese mergers and acquisitions consulting company, the largest acquisition of a foreign company by a Japanese company this year was the acquisition of metal materials by Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. for about $5.4 billion. The yield strength of metal materials must be less than the ultimate strength. At the same time, the cost of the United States is basically the same as that of ariad pharmaceuticals Inc

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