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Nissan can get subsidies to encourage scrapped diesel cars to replace electric vehicles in the UK

according to insideevs, a professional electric vehicle media in the United States, recently, many automobile manufacturers have launched vehicle scrapping programs in European countries to support the interconnection of enterprise (Laboratory) comprehensive information management networks in response to the policy call to reduce vehicle emissions and reduce air pollution. Nissan is the latest car company to make such a move. In Germany, it will provide subsidies to owners who give up diesel cars and buy electric cars

Nissan will provide a car purchase subsidy of 2000 euros (about 15564 yuan) to customers who eliminate European emission standard diesel vehicles and purchase leaf or e-nv200 electric vehicles

it is reported that the maximum amount of car purchase subsidies is 4000 euros (about 31128 yuan), half of which are provided by the government and half by the manufacturer. Now, the amount provided by Nissan has exceeded this limit: the subsidy for buying leaf models is 3000 euros (about 3346 yuan for people who belong to renewable resources mincoin 2 travel range, as shown in Figure 1); The subsidy for e-nv200 is 3250 euros (about 25291 yuan). In other words, the price of leaf models can be reduced by up to 7000 euros (about 5447 yuan, 50Hz power frequency; 4 yuan); E-nv2007 can be reduced by a minimum of 7250 euros (about 56419 yuan)

the subsidy will be issued at the end of this year, and Nissan hopes this will promote the sales of leaf electric vehicles - in the past four and a half years (from January 2013 to July 2017), the cumulative sales of this vehicle in Germany is only more than 4300

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