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Nissan focuses on the Chinese market and expects the sales of light commercial vehicles to double in 2022

in recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the demand for commercial vehicles has gradually increased. In 2017, the annual sales of heavy trucks exceeded one million, creating a new record in history. In this context, Nissan also pays attention to China, a huge commercial vehicle market, and has launched Navara pickup and other light commercial vehicle products. So, what is the commercial vehicle market of Nissan? What is Nissan's strategic plan for the Chinese market? What are the goals for the future? With these questions, first commercial vehicle interviewed asivani Gupta, senior vice president of Renault Nissan Mitsubishi alliance and head of light commercial vehicle business unit. Let's listen to what he said

"China is a market full of potential"

Gupta took the lead in expressing his views on the Chinese market before officially starting to ask questions

"China is a market full of potential from the perspective of Nissan's ability to work normally after re calibrating the sensor. In China, Nissan's light commercial vehicle field mainly has two development priorities, the first is light trucks and small commercial vehicles, and the second is pickup trucks and non load carrying SUVs."

when it comes to pickup trucks and non carrier SUVs, the first thing to mention is the Navara pickup launched by Nissan in 2017. This model is manufactured in five factories around the world and has entered more than 120 countries, including China. "After we launched this model in the Chinese market, it has been highly praised by consumers and achieved success." Gupta said

Nissan Tuda, a cross-country off-road non load bearing SUV just launched on April 21 this year, further reflects Nissan's grasp and attention to the "Chinese market"

"in China, we see a lot of successful entrepreneurs, who all hope to use their own cars to show their success." Speaking of consumer groups, Gupta talked about the characteristics of the Chinese market. "For such a group of consumers, they mainly focus on two elements: first, they have a strong sense of family; second, they hope to have the absolute ability to reach the place they want to go, whether it's hiking or going to the seaside, whether it's shopping or going to work." For Nissan, this has become a huge selling point. "Our products can provide enough space so that they can put some bags, luggage, etc. without auxiliary parts, which is very convenient."

in order to meet the needs of these consumers, Tuda referred to four standards at the beginning of the design: first, the use of non load-bearing body. The biggest difference between non load bearing SUV and ordinary SUV is that it has a very strong and strong chassis; Second, the vehicle is equipped with a very powerful engine - qr25, which can output 180 horsepower and 250 n · m torque; Third, it is also very important. It uses a 5-link spiral spring rear suspension system and a solid rear axle, which not only has a sense of comfort, but also improves the driver's control of the vehicle when driving, especially off-road; The fourth early stage revolved around resin transfer molding, which was equipped with many technologies of Nissan Zhixing technology to improve off-road performance, such as the design of pre collision intelligent brake assist system and panoramic monitoring image system

therefore, Gupta is very confident in the sales volume of Tuda. "Nissan is the best choice for any consumer who wants to drive this car for household chores, explore alone, or travel through the city," he said

Nissan aims to double its sales by 2022

Gupta believes that there will still be great growth opportunities for the future development of light commercial vehicles in the Chinese market

"we think there are two main reasons: first, the support of policy and management. Such models need to use the latest technology; second, the support of e-commerce. Now there are many consumers shopping. After shopping, they hope to get goods quickly, which is what we call 'the last mile' logistics, which is also a great opportunity for our light commercial vehicles."

at present, Nissan has two enterprises in China, Zhengzhou Nissan and Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Nissan focuses on manufacturing pickup trucks and non load carrying SUVs, mainly Navara and Nissan Tuda. Gupta said that he hoped to further realize the growth of the light commercial vehicle business department through continuous cooperation with partners. At the same time, Dongfeng Nissan and Zhengzhou Nissan are also making full use of their dealer networks of passenger cars and pickup trucks to ensure that consumers can have more choices

speaking of the future planning strategy, Gupta also made a detailed introduction. "Our future strategy is not only for large customers, but also for some small and medium-sized owners. Because we know that such a market can bring us great growth in the future." The introduction of Tuda is a step for Nissan to develop a new market in China. "For Nissan Tuda, its positioning in the Chinese market is very unique. In addition to winning some ordinary SUV consumers, it will also win some other specific consumers, who are full of passion for their own life and such off-road mode. We also believe that it is a new segment, that is, it can create a new category."

when asked about the sales target, Gupta said that he did not have a very accurate prediction, and hoped to leave it all to consumers to decide. However, it finally gave a medium-term business plan: by 2022, the sales of Nissan's light commercial vehicle department will double, that is, to achieve a double growth; At the same time, he hopes that the sales of Tuda and Navara will also double

finally, Gupta also talked about Nissan's ideas and plans for electric products. "With the cooperation of Dongfeng Group, we actually have electric buses and electric commercial vehicles in China, and the sales volume in China is also very good." In addition, Nissan also has the idea of expanding the product line of electric trucks, and it must be 100% electric driven products. Gupta said, "Nissan is a pioneer in this field, and this technology is also the most suitable for the 'last mile' logistics service."

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