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Nippon automotive coatings participated in Russia to open up new overseas markets

Nippon automotive coatings participated in the 22nd International Iron and steel industry exhibition in Moscow, Russia, showing Nippon's image to customers from all over the world

the 22nd Russian International Steel Industry Exhibition statehood zone Russian International Steel Industry Exhibition has received strong support from the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation. Every year, more than 600 enterprises from 35 countries participate in the exhibition, covering upstream and downstream enterprises in the steel industry chain, such as top steel manufacturers and important customers in the steel industry: automobile manufacturers, machinery manufacturers, etc. The exhibition gathers top-level enterprises, first-class products and technologies in all links of the industrial chain. While exhibiting their own strength, the participating enterprises also jointly explore new opportunities for cooperation

more than 600 top enterprises from all over the world participated in the 22nd iron and steel exhibition in Russia. Russia is a large automobile production country and one of the rapidly developing automobile sales markets. In recent years, Russia has produced more than 2 million cars a year, ranking among the top five in the European rankings. This year, the Russian government will invest 275million US dollars (about 1.8 billion yuan) to support the development of the automotive industry, on an annual or monthly basis. The largest automobile manufacturer in Russia is AutoVAZ, followed by Hyundai, Renault, Kia, Toyota, Volkswagen, Nissan and other foreign brands, most of which have manufacturing plants or production lines in Russia. At this exhibition, Nippon automotive coatings showed environmental friendly and efficient body and parts coating products: water-based three coating and one drying body coating system, IPP compact medium free coating system, water-based parts coating, etc. Each coating system can meet the needs of different customers, help customers improve production efficiency, reduce VOC emissions and reduce energy consumption. Based on the international market, it is the long-term goal of Nippon to provide products and solutions for consumers of open-loop control system in different regions. For many years, Nippon has been deeply engaged in overseas markets, and its business scope has been extended to different regions such as Asia and North America. In the future, the increasingly developed transnational commerce and trade will also create more market opportunities for Nippon

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