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Nippon building paint project with an annual output of 500000 tons is expected to be put into operation in September next year.

on July 1, Hubei Provincial Environmental Protection Department publicized the "simplified environmental impact report of Nippon Paint (Hubei) Co., Ltd. Industrial Park project". According to the public information, the investment scale of the project is 31.457 million yuan, which is located within the land area of phase II of Xianning economic development zone. The construction scale is to produce 500000 tons of architectural coatings per year, and it is expected to be put into operation in September 2016

Nippon China said that in recent years, with the development of urbanization, it will directly drive the development of infrastructure, real estate, transportation and other systems, which can increase the investment demand of 40 trillion yuan. From the perspective of paint market demand, as a supporting material for real estate and infrastructure facilities, the state proposes to vigorously develop new urbanization, which will also stimulate the demand of the paint market

in order to meet the market development needs of architectural and decorative coatings and enhance its market competitiveness, Nippon Investment Co., Ltd. fully invested and established Nippon coatings (Hubei) Co., Ltd. in 2014, and invested 314.57 million yuan to build an industrial park project within the land scope of phase II of Xianning economic development zone. The project has been in 2014, and its results should be shared by the industry. 9 answer: verify the level 0.5 experimental machine, use the level 0.1 standard dynamometer, promote the development of the industry on February 2, and start construction on March 3

it is reported that after the project is completed and put into operation, it will achieve an annual production capacity of 500000 tons of building coatings, including 300000 tons of water-based emulsion paint, 24000 tons of engineering rock color, 64600 tons of engineering sand wall, 65000 tons of wood paint (including 60000 tons of oil and 5000 tons of water), 68000 tons of powder building materials (including 60000 tons of putty powder, 5000 tons of dry powder mortar, and 3000 tons of waterproof mortar). After the whole project is completed and put into operation, the annual output value can reach 5billion yuan and the tax revenue can reach 500million yuan

nipseaholdings, founded in 1962, is a multinational enterprise founded in Southeast Asia by Singapore's wudenan group, which is responsible for managing Nippon's operations in Asia. Nippon China is a subsidiary of Singapore instant group. Nippon (China) Investment Co., Ltd. was established on December 30, 2010 as the operation center of Nippon China. Nippon China's products include architectural coatings, wood coatings, powder coatings, automotive touch up paint, anti-corrosion coatings, marine coatings, etc. At present, Lishi group has established more than 60 manufacturing plants in Asia, and its business covers 15 countries and regions. With an annual output of more than 1million tons of paint in 2014, it has 16000 employees. The group's sales in 2013 and 2014 were $2.989 billion and $3.114 billion respectively

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