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Nippon won the only A-level supplier of Vanke Group's 2018 paint category

Nippon won the only A-level supplier of Vanke Group's 2018 paint category

March 10, 2019

in the afternoon of March 7, 2019, Nippon won the title of Vanke's 2018 A-level supplier at the spring tea meeting of Vanke Group partners "cohesion, concentric partnership and win-win" held by Shenzhen Vanke headquarters, and became the only selected brand in the paint category. After being selected into the list of class a suppliers for the first time in 2013, Nippon coatings China Co., Ltd. has won the title of "Vanke class a supplier" for six consecutive years

Nippon won the 2018 Vanke A-class supplier of materials and equipment

only 17% of the A-class selection criteria

in order to promote Vanke and its partners to continuously improve customer service levels, help partners clearly understand the pain points of customers and the cooperation performance among similar suppliers of Vanke, Vanke has evaluated and graded suppliers every year since 2013, and released a list of qualified suppliers to the society, It has become an important tool for Vanke supplier management, China paint

in 2018, Vanke evaluated and graded the suppliers of civil engineering general contracting, decoration general contracting, landscape greening, doors, windows and curtain walls, external wall insulation and coating construction, air conditioning installation engineering, heating engineering, fire protection engineering, materials and equipment, as well as the suppliers of ice and snow business department and India business. A total of 1078 qualified suppliers participated in the evaluation, including 184 "A-level suppliers"

Yin Xiangzhe, senior vice president of Nippon China Architectural coatings business group and general manager of Engineering Coatings utilization technology lags behind, participated in the 2019 Vanke Group partner spring tea meeting

Vanke adhered to an objective and quantitative evaluation system, comprehensively evaluated the partners' quarterly third-party flight inspection evaluation results, the qualification rate of Tianxing material inspection on July 15, 2015, the after-sales repair rate and other indicators, combined with the performance of various control dimensions in the performance, The annual evaluation and grading are carried out, and the evaluation indicators cover the whole life cycle of suppliers, so that they can be quantified, assessed and traced

since the opening of centralized procurement cooperation in 2009, Nippon and Vanke Group have always worked closely together, starting from the strategic cooperation of interior wall coatings, to the whole system strategic cooperation of interior and exterior wall coatings and floors in 2013, and then to 2017, the two sides focused on innovative development, and successively promoted the joint development of innovative products, the establishment of shared laboratories, the cooperation of alliance circles, etc., and the fields and projects of cooperation continue to expand. By the end of 2018, there had been 446 cooperation projects between Nippon and Vanke in 64 cities across the country

as a long-term strategic partner of Vanke, Nippon has always insisted on cooperating with the project with professional overall solutions and efficient resource services, giving full play to high standard service efficiency and rapid response. In addition to providing high-quality product system, it has also made continuous breakthroughs, formulated a guarantee system for Vanke's product quality standards, promoted a better quality management system, and created a strong productivity SMP. Improve the level and quality of products, technology and construction management, work together, apply high-tech and high-quality products to modern architecture, and help Vanke praise the city and life with "benchmark" construction products

with the closer cooperation between the two sides, in addition to products and services in the ELV field, Nippon and Vanke will deepen their strategic cooperation again, work together to innovate and develop, establish a joint laboratory of Vanke Nippon xiong'an new area, work together to study the future urban construction and operation mode, tap the new needs of construction projects, and carry out cooperative research and development on a number of innovative projects. The two sides also carried out a number of innovative research on product performance testing technology, which will be popularized as the basis for product performance and quality testing in subsequent cooperation

Nippon participating in the construction of flexible packaging requirements, pulling machine 1 machine multi-purpose Vanke cooperation case

Nanchang Vanke Times Square adopts Nippon textured exterior wall system

Chengdu Vanke Jinyu Tixiang adopts Nippon textured exterior wall system

Beijing Tongzhou Vanke Taihu adopts Nippon textured exterior wall system

Nanjing Vanke Jiudu will adopt Nippon engineering interior wall system

Jinan Vanke project center adopts Nippon Bili fair faced concrete exterior wall coating system

Shanghai Vanke Qibao international adopts Nippon parking lot floor system

Qingdao Vanke Zitai adopts Nippon textured exterior wall system

Yantai Vanke City adopts Nippon textured exterior wall system

in the future, Nippon engineering will continue to uphold the "power of refresh" and work together with Vanke group to create more boutique projects, as always, never forget the original intention, promote a better quality management system, and continue to implement unified and standardized management, Realize product quality assurance, continue to innovate product system and technical system on the road of technological R & D and innovation, maintain close cooperation and development with Vanke, unite and win-win partnership

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