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Another new regulation has been issued in the field of environmental monitoring, and the environmental protection industry continues to rise

policy conditions continue to increase, market demand continues to rise, and the development of environmental monitoring in China continues to show a vigorous trend. Behind the gradual improvement of the top-level design and the accelerated expansion of promotion channels, the strategic planning of the environmental monitoring industry has been launched, and the future development is bright

environmental monitoring is the basic work of environmental protection and an important support for promoting the construction of ecological civilization. Environmental monitoring data is the basic basis for objectively evaluating the status of environmental quality, reflecting the effectiveness of pollution control, and implementing environmental management and decision-making. In order to strengthen the scientific management of environmental monitoring archives, standardize the work of environmental monitoring archives, give full play to the role of environmental monitoring archives in various environmental management, and better serve the cause of environmental protection, the Ministry of environmental protection recently issued the standard for environmental protection archives management and environmental monitoring (Draft for comments). The deadline for public consultation is December 28, 2017

it is understood that "environmental protection archives management norms environmental monitoring" stipulates the general methods for the formation, accumulation, sorting, archiving of environmental monitoring documents and materials with preservation value generated in environmental monitoring work, and the storage, identification, development and utilization of environmental monitoring archives, which can be used as furniture, ceiling, etc., and is the basis for the archives management of environmental monitoring institutions (departments). This standard is applicable to the archives management of environmental monitoring institutions (departments) under the competent environmental protection departments at all levels

including the distribution plan of routine monitoring activities such as water, gas, noise, vibration, electromagnetic radiation, radioactivity, light pollution, heat pollution, biology, ecology, soil, etc; On site sampling records generated in the supervisory monitoring activities of pollution sources; Hubei: the new target of new materials will double the income in four years. Emergency monitoring of pollution accidents, special monitoring, etc. and monitoring data and management materials of automatic environmental monitoring stations

with the intensive introduction of national favorable policies, the improvement of environmental awareness and the strengthening of environmental governance, the environmental monitoring market has ushered in huge investment opportunities. The industry predicts that the market size of the environmental monitoring industry is expected to exceed 90billion yuan in 2020. Based on the demand factors of the continuous surge in the market, the blue ocean of environmental monitoring industry is poised

recently, after the issuance of the opinions on deepening environmental monitoring reform and improving the quality of environmental monitoring data and the guiding opinions on accelerating the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, environmental protection people must not forget that archives management norms environmental monitoring (Draft for comments) have followed. Continuous efforts in the field of environmental monitoring in the top-level design are the needs of national environmental protection construction and the development of environmental protection enterprises

it is not difficult to find that with the increasing demand rigidity of the environmental monitoring industry. In addition to the macro-control at the policy level, the industry also needs some high-quality enterprises to strengthen research and development, constantly create new products and technologies, jointly provide advice for the increasingly prosperous environmental protection industry, and roughly calculate the force value generated by the data in the ideal state for monitoring the market, with continuous fresh vitality

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