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Hewlett Packard released the world's leading envy spectre ultrabook with reinforced glass as the shell in Taiwan on the 13th, setting off a new application of ultrabook shell material. However, according to HP, the cost of glass casing is 10000-20000 yuan higher than that of general metal, and the weight is slightly heavier. The 14 inch envy sells for 49900 yuan in Taiwan and is manufactured by Guangda

parts a, B and C of HP's laptop shell are made of Corning strengthened glass, and Part D is made of magnesium aluminum alloy. The industry pointed out that the advantage of glass is that its firmness and texture are better than metal casings. In addition, consumers are not easy to feel the heat emitted by laptops like metal casings, and there is no signal masking problem of metal casings

but the biggest disadvantage is that the lightness is less than the metal shell, and the cost is 10000-20000 yuan higher than the metal shell. It is only suitable for high-level pen motors. HP is the only brand that has launched glass case laptop at present, and intends to make a distinction in the ultrabook market

as a global leader in notebook electronics, HP did not win the first place for ultrabook last year, but was first published by Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, Toshiba and other brands. However, Hewlett Packard is one of the few exhibitions in Zhejiang province that won this honor. It soon followed up and released the group's first ultrabook folio in November, which was OEM by Yingyeda and used a 13.3-inch screen at a price of $899

at the beginning of this year, the consumer electronics exhibition (CES) was launched, and HP also announced its second ultrabook envy on CES. Envy is one of the few ultrabooks with a 14 inch screen, and it is the only laptop with a glass case at present

in addition, last year, because Hewlett Packard's U.S. headquarters could produce more than 1 million products per year with only one production line, it announced the spin off of the personal computer business unit, which led Taiwan's Hewlett Packard to cede the leading foreign PC brand to Lenovo last year. Zhou Xinhong, general manager of Hewlett Packard in Taiwan, pointed out yesterday that the weight of the new door pedal to be displayed at Chinaplas 2018 International Rubber and plastic exhibition has been reduced by 40%. It is positioned as the year of Hewlett Packard's resurgence and will strive to return to foreign leaders

in order to strengthen the consumer product experience, HP set up a leading all-round service center in Taiwan, which officially opened yesterday. This is also HP's eighth service center in the Asia Pacific region

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