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Chinese decoration, another bitter story of house slaves

Chinese decoration, another bitter story of house slaves

July 12, 2019

Chinese decoration, can you make the water clear to the bright

since our ancestors knocked down the first stone in the cave in ancient times, the great decoration history of mankind has begun

the ancients, who were extremely harsh on house design, never spared their appreciation for the decoration results. As far as the bookofsongs · Xiaoya · skan, there was "like birds, such as Hui, such as flying, colonizing its court, and feeling its Ying", which was used to praise the grandeur and solemnity of the palace of the king of Zhou after its completion, the cornice shape was like the wings of a big bird, and the color was as beautiful as a golden pheasant flying from a distance

although the original intention of decoration is for noble beauty, so far, this industry has not been such small efforts as chiseling small stone benches, folding several large stones as rockeries, and graffiti on the walls. It has become the largest contributor to GDP besides the house itself

decoration, the ultimate dilemma of Chinese housing slaves

although everyone in today's society cries for poverty, after the age of 30, there are more and more "hidden houses" around him. However, winning a house deed does not mean that life begins to become comfortable, because for them, the anger brought by Chinese houses is not only in house prices, but also in unbearable decoration

decoration is definitely more frustrating than marriage. For example, even in harsh environments, it can still have the properties of low chip removal, clean peeling, permeability and excellent microbial barrier; Provide good physical protection during handling, transportation and storage (even in high humidity or extreme cold environment); And adapt to a variety of major sterilization methods of life experience, in various moments of poverty, but also to pay a bitter tear. In this process, once any "Party B" is touched, it will be rubbed on the ground by the designer or construction party. Finally, everyone who finishes the decoration can write a secret collection called "100 regrets in decoration"

how tiring is decoration? If office workers want to follow up the whole process, they will lose weight and be pulled to neighboring cities every minute to purchase; However, if you don't bother to follow up, the new house is easy to be "mined". In addition, there may be tofu dregs hidden in any corner

I thought that finding acquaintances would reduce the cost of communication and trust, but when it came to acceptance, the decorators would be heartbroken again. There would always be sockets that couldn't be plugged in, leaking walls, and crooked cabinets. If one couldn't be done well, they would have to tear down the walls and wiring again, dig holes, and block their mood and sewers, but they could only eat Coptis mutely for acquaintances

then don't look for acquaintances, but the decoration pit may be larger. Whenever something happens, people will only kick the ball, and some will simply disappear after the advance payment is in place. Previously, there have been frequent news that startled the head of household, such as "Apple decoration running away", "No. 1 home empty", "lemon decoration collapse"

it can be seen that "decoration" is a metaphysics, which needs to collect the chemical knowledge, physical knowledge and mathematical knowledge we learned 18 years ago but have long forgotten. It would be better if you have excellent EQ and design skills, so that you can be evenly matched in the debate with various suppliers, decoration workers and contractors, so as not to be defeated in a hurry

IQ tax for decoration, all to "import"

there are many chains of disdain in the field of home decoration, such as solid wood decoration, private customization, and Nordic style

but "import" must despise the hegemony point on the chain. Because for consumers, when they know nothing about an industry, the word "import" is about "guaranteed", and their trust in foreign brands is close to superstition

in order to deeply understand the current situation of the decoration industry, the observation data made a survey of five cities of decoration companies, and visited 50 decoration companies of different brands in five cities

first of all, judging from the actual decoration quotation, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu are basically in direct proportion to the housing prices and city size in various places; But from the perspective of budget utilization rate, Beijing is the most expensive, Guangzhou is the most reasonable, and Chengdu is the cheapest

in what form will moisture be silently incorporated in these quotation processes

the survey found that businesses would recommend 100% all inclusive pricing for reasons such as preferential purchase prices and ease of worry, but only four companies from Hangzhou made it clear that they would provide detailed quotations after signing the contract

the most fishy and extensive is probably in the selection of materials. Take paint as an example. In this survey, 50 decoration companies have recommended imported paint brands to customers

perhaps the strict and meticulous stereotype of Germans since ancient times is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, among which the most respected is the German brand

more than 60% of designers believe that imported coatings are significantly better than domestic popular coatings, and that domestic brands are equally poor: high formaldehyde content, low grade, serious mixing with water

however, high price and REGGIANI confirmed that it does not mean high cost performance. When these foreign brands come to China, they are bound to have a Golden Journey first. In the survey, the price of coatings in China is generally 1~9 times that of the country of origin

even with the "Blue Angel certification" frequently mentioned by sales, it does not mean that the European standard is stricter than the national standard

professionals believe that the domestic ten ring certification is not the same dimensional measurement standard as the European "Blue Angel", and there is no difference between high and low

in addition to the ten ring certification, jg/t standard is also implemented in China, which is a special standard for indoor air quality after the application of water-based paint. Like blue angel, this standard is aimed at the indoor air quality after painting, which is more stringent than the a+ certification of French indoor environmental testing, so consumers can safely choose domestic compliant products

in the Jianghu of selling paint, there have been some exaggerated propaganda that makes people laugh and cry when adjusting the displacement measuring instrument to zero. For example, the history of "drinking paint" can be traced back to 2000. A paint company named Fuya published a newspaper to perform "real cats and dogs drink paint" in front of the Beijing Architectural Exhibition Hall

but later, due to fierce protests from animal protectionists on the scene, in the end, the boss Fuya decided not to let cats and dogs drink it, but to drink paint instead, and personally brought a can of paint "stuffy"

since then, it has continued to appear:

the marketing of "drinking paint" has occurred every year, but paint is still a chemical product after all, which contains organic solvents such as benzene. Even if it can be drunk, it does not mean that it is non-toxic. It can only be said that there is no life danger for the time being, and there is indeed a suspicion of false publicity

can the water be clear and bright in Chinese decoration

the violent marketing of paint is only the tip of the iceberg in the decoration industry, and more chaotic situations are still hidden at the bottom of the deep water. Due to consumers' partial faith in imported goods, some illegal businesses do not hesitate to buy expired products abroad at extremely low prices. As long as they re label them with foreign labels, they can make huge profits

in general home decoration, the expenditure of paint only accounts for about 5% of the decoration cost, but it accounts for 80% of the whole decoration area. If the product of "hanging sheep's head and selling dog meat" is used in this important link, it will not only destroy the overall decoration effect, but also directly affect the health of the family

for a long time, the decoration industry has a lot of fish and dragons, and it is difficult to be clear. As long as the householder steps into the pit of decoration, it seems that he is doomed to encounter all kinds of violent attacks

however, only when the great cause of decoration is sincerely completed and personal will is added to the blank house, can the "house" truly become a "home"

therefore, we should learn to avoid the decoration trap, do not superstitious about popular concepts in the market or general "imported" products, give due consideration to high-quality domestic products, and try to choose mature big brands with high popularity and real trust, so as to prevent falling into scams

what's more important is to polish your eyes when the materials enter the site, do not give the home decoration guerrillas a chance to change their appearance and confuse the fake with the real, and invite knowledgeable people or supervisors to the site for acceptance

author/Bai Yuyan

illustration/Wu keying

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