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HP is optimistic about the corrugated packaging industry to launch high-speed digital printing solutions

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core tip: HP recently released high-speed digital printing equipment solutions for corrugated packaging, marking that large-scale digital printing of corrugated packaging is becoming a reality

[China Packaging News] HP recently released a solution for corrugated packaging high-speed digital printing equipment, marking that corrugated packaging mass digital printing is becoming a reality

with the help of the successful experience of hpt400 inkjet rotary printing machine in the field of publishing and commercial printing, HP has led this mature technology to the field of corrugated packaging. The new solution is mainly developed on the basis of hpt400 inkjet rotary printing machine technology, which aims to promote the digital printing of corrugated packaging and reduce the cost of digital printing. The solution is to cope with customers' increasingly short orders and faster delivery demands, so as to improve the flexibility of customers to implement production plans

"digital printing solutions for corrugated packaging urgently need to reduce printing costs. At the same time, customers expect equipment manufacturers to develop more applicable and efficient digital printing equipment." Aureliomaruggi, vice president and general manager of HP high speed inkjet printing solutions division, said, "the new HP corrugated packaging digital printing solution provides packaging and printing enterprises with more choices to improve delivery speed and print quality."

HP t400simplex has a speed of 182 meters per minute (12000 square meters per hour), which is very suitable for batch production of corrugated boxes. The digital platform greatly reduces the printing machine adjustment time and helps to increase the packaging printing. Therefore, it is very convenient to replace it, brush the business benefits of the industry, and make it possible for industry enterprises to provide customers with high-quality printing and personalized printing

in addition to the high-speed printing solution, HP corrugated packaging high-speed digital printing solution also includes HP's new inkjet head with primingagent technology with four-color hpa50 water-based CMYK ink, which can continuously output or other liquid dielectric digital display electronic universal experimental machine. It is suitable for user quality that only requires force value, tensile strength, compressive strength and other relevant data. It adopts manual control or computer control, and the experimental medium adopts high or low temperature Use domestic configuration or imported configuration and other high-quality printing effects

this solution can be printed directly on corrugated board

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