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HP helps Langfang Meiyin explore new opportunities for digital printing

Langfang, China, July 12, 2019

– recently, Meiyin Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Meiyin information technology) moved to a new plant of nearly 5000 square meters in the Anzi development zone of Langfang City in May this year in order to expand production capacity and meet the growing printing demand, and purchased two HP

indigo12000hd high-definition digital printers at one time from HP. In addition to the two HP indigo B2 format equipment relocated from the original factory, the US India information technology monomer factory has four HP indigo

B2 format equipment at the same time, becoming the domestic B2 format market leader

in recent years, driven by the policy of easing Beijing's non capital functions, Hebei Province has assumed more and more urban service functions in Beijing and Tianjin, and its position in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei economic circle has become increasingly important. Langfang is located between the two international cities of Beijing and Tianjin. It is also known as the "capital of printing". The industrial chain is very sound, so it has become the main force of printing services in Beijing and Tianjin. The US India information technology rooted in Langfang has also ushered in major development opportunities by taking advantage of the "east wind" of the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

in 2015, Meiyin information technology purchased the first HP

indigo10000 digital printing machine in North China. The introduction of the B2 format equipment enables Meiyin information technology to undertake the digital printing and packaging business and establish a production mode of large format equipment. In less than four years, Meiyin information technology has achieved the growth from "having a single B2 format equipment" to "having the largest number of monomer factories with B2 format equipment", and has successfully opened a new market for business digital printing

in this process, HP indigo digital printing has become an indispensable solid partner in the continuous expansion of business areas and business growth of Meiyin technology information. HP

indigob2 format digital printing machine can be used for canvas art, oversized books, folding and other special printing products. The maximum printing speed can reach 4600 B2 format color pages per hour, meeting the needs of enterprises to improve productivity and cope with a shorter delivery period. HP

the electroink equipped with indigo has a color gamut of up to 97%, which can highly and accurately restore the printing color, giving enterprises the ability to produce high-end printing products

"if you do your work well, you will naturally have work to do. With the help of digital printing technology, the manipulator located in the important printing town can also play with it." the American Indian information technology in stone Langfang has achieved a breakthrough growth. " Mr. Zhang Lei, general manager of Meiyin Information Technology Co., Ltd., said, "from the traditional mode of toiling around the machine day and night in the past, to the digital mode of using HP

indigo equipment to realize the machine close to 100% startup rate, the development of Meiyin information technology is inseparable from the help of digital printing technology and the support of HP indigo along the way."

"HP is committed to working closely with partners to jointly promote the development of China's digital printing ecosystem and help more local enterprises achieve growth. In order to promote the prosperity and development of HP

indigo upstream and downstream industries, Mr. Li Peng, general manager of China and Hong Kong of indigo/pwi digital printing division of HP said, "HP is also actively strengthening exchanges between partners and promoting cooperation between them. For example, this time HP joined hands with Meiyin information technology to set up a 'digital technology innovation center' in its new plant, so that more potential customers can effectively see the innovative works produced by using digital printing technology and understand the unlimited potential of digital printing technology."

for HP, the cooperation with customers does not stop at the completion of sales, but should continue to provide follow-up support and services, so that customers can obtain tangible profits and growth through HP

indigo technology. In order to encourage customers to constantly innovate and transform with the help of HP graphic printing solutions and win more opportunities in the digital printing market, HP has set up the "digital printing excellence award" to commend HP

indigo printing service providers with innovative thinking, encourage them to constantly explore more possibilities of digital printing, create new opportunities, and obtain, enhance and maintain enterprise value. It is reported that Meiyin can choose load time, load displacement, displacement time, deformation time and other experimental curves to display, enlarge, compare, traverse and monitor the experimental process in real time. Information technology has won multiple individual awards of the "digital printing excellence award" and won the title of "best strategic partner of HP graphic printing in Asia Pacific and Japan"

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