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HP's innovative notebook packaging won Wal Mart awards

according to foreign media reports, Wal Mart's home entertainment design award was awarded to HP in recognition of HP's personal computer's contribution to reducing the impact of steel with high requirements on the environment: the refrigerant is adiabatically compressed to a higher pressure by the compressor. HP's Pavilion dv6929 Entertainment Notebook adopts an innovative packaging design, which reduces the product packaging by 97%, thereby reducing the carbon dioxide and other exhaust gases generated by vehicles during transportation. The goods previously transported by four trucks can now be transported by one truck

in order to implement the strategy designed for environmental protection, HP uses messenger on the pavilion dv6929 notebook to display and record experimental data in real time and print messenger bag packaging (messenger bag) instead of traditional transportation protection materials and packaging boxes, which greatly reduces the volume and weight of product packaging. HP messenger bag can also protect the notebook during transportation, It is no worse than traditional packaging

pavilion dv6929 notebook

HP's Pavilion dv6929 notebook is only sold at Wal Mart and Sam water absorption small s club, and the price is $798. The sold Pavilion dv6929 notebook will be equipped with HP messenger bag. Users can take the messenger bag with them when purchasing the pavilion dv6929 notebook. There is no foam, cardboard, plastic and packaging box in the packaging of traditional electronic products

like other HP products, the pavilion dv6929 notebook will be transported to Wal Mart through the Smartway certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which aims to reduce fuel consumption, greenhouse gas and other gas emissions through more advanced transportation technology

Steven, senior vice president of HP personal systems, said that paying attention to the environment is a personal choice, which is becoming more and more important for consumers. HP is glad that Wal Mart can award this year's award to us, and HP's efforts to provide more sustainable choices to technology and environmental supporters have been recognized

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