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HP's involvement in corrugated packaging has ushered in great changes in the digitalization of carton packaging

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core tip: following the hpscitexfb110000/15000 industrial printing machine, HP recently announced the launch of HP's high-speed inkjet tile into Matt's new aluminum corrugated packaging solution - t400simplex printing machine, So that large quantities of corrugated packaging to achieve digital production has become a reality

[China Packaging News] following the hpscitexfb10000/15000 industrial printing machine, HP recently announced the launch of HP's high-speed inkjet corrugated packaging solution - t400simple printing machine, making the digital production of large quantities of corrugated packaging a reality

on November 14, 2014, at the 2014 China International all printing exhibition, HP exhibited the HP Scitex fb10000 model for corrugated box digital printing for the first time in China, and Hexing packaging became the first enterprise to adopt this model in China. Xiang Zhengda, general manager of innovation and R & D center of Hexing packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., said that in the near future, we look forward to seeing that HP Scitex fb10000 industrial printing machine can create more surprises and infinite possibilities for us

in addition, HP also launched the t400simplex printing machine, with a printing speed of 182 meters per minute (12000 square meters per hour), which is very suitable for the mass production of corrugated boxes. The digital platform makes the turnover time of production shorter. This also increases operational efficiency and provides a cost-effective production mode and personalized output

HP's high-speed inkjet corrugated packaging solution also includes HP's new priming agent technology with four-color hpa50 water-based colored CMYK ink, which can provide excellent print quality. The packaging solution can also be printed on coated corrugated substrates

the corrugated market is looking forward to the emergence of digital solutions to reduce costs. At the same time, brand managers and marketers want to make more targeted and efficient products. Aurelio maruggi, vice president and general manager of HP high-speed inkjet production solutions, said that the new HP packaging solutions provide speed, quality and versatility that can replace or supplement traditional technologies

if HP Scitex FB1 ratchet wrench change experimental machine has been recognized by customers and the market, 0000/15000 is specifically for loose print, and it is only a useful supplement to the traditional corrugated printing and packaging, then T400 simplex printing machine is directly close to the hinterland of corrugated printing and packaging. Not only that, HP uses a series of digital and intelligent software to control the color of the printing process, optimize the process, and has the functions of active scheduling and maintenance, automatic diagnosis and alarm. With these technologies, packaging enterprises do not even need special training, and everyone can act as a printer, which greatly weakens the dependence of traditional printing enterprises on Printing personnel

whether you are willing to face it or not, whether you are ready or not, the era of digital printing comprehensively impacting traditional corrugated packaging has come

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