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HP designed solutions for sunlikesbs (smallbusinesssolution)

customer benefits

sunlike SBS is an enterprise information management solution tailored for growing small and medium-sized enterprises. First of all, sunlike SBS comes from the core function modules of sunlike e

rp system, a mature and applied high-end main product of Taiwan Tianxin; The ultra-low price can meet the budget of growth enterprises; The system implementation experience accumulated for more than ten years has summed up the rapid implementation of the system online program to help enterprises fully import applications within three to five months; ERP, OA, DRP, Bi, CRM, SCM and other comprehensive Taiwan Tianxin series product lines can provide sustainable development solutions with the growth of enterprise business scale. Sunlike SBS solution, which is fast online, low-cost and easy to implement, is the first choice for informatization of many growth enterprises

although growth manufacturing enterprises are completely different from large group enterprises in terms of production and operation scale, the internal production and manufacturing management process of the enterprise is "complete with five internal organs", which includes a complete enterprise value stream. However, the ERP system with long cycle, complex implementation and huge cost is likely to become a heavy burden, and even lead to the complete loss of the project. Therefore, sunlike SBS system, which has the characteristics of mature application, high cost performance, complete design, strong scalability, simple operation, rapid implementation and so on, allows more growing small and medium-sized enterprises to easily step into the threshold of informatization and enhance the vitality of enterprises

system features:

widely applicable:

Taiwan Tianxin information has gathered the project implementation and system application experience of thousands of enterprise customers, extracted the common practice process of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises' customers in different industries, and designed the functional modules and business process of sunlike SBS, which is suitable for the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprise groups in electronic appliances, hardware lighting, machinery manufacturing, plastic toys and other industries

advanced platform:

sunlike SBS inherits from the main product of Taiwan Tianxin sunlike ERP system, inherits the efficient and stable data processing performance of sunlike ERP system and the system platform with flexible functions. Continuity time has the excellent functions that have always been well-known, such as customized document interface, document fields, document printing and template, report fields, etc., avoiding the investment of secondary development costs after customers use the system

clear process:

the system business process designed for small and medium-sized enterprises fits the actual operation process of various enterprise customers, and follows the ERP management concept, which can quickly assist enterprises to straighten out the internal affairs management process, maintain the enterprise management order, and improve work efficiency

information integration:

the highly integrated information platform enables all dynamic data of the enterprise to meet the standard of "unique source and information sharing", saves heavy repeated operations spent by various departments in order to transmit information, ensures the high accuracy of information transmission, and can quickly provide management information to assist management decisions for enterprise decision makers

comprehensive management:

the comprehensive system function management module involves Bayer materials technology and Shanghai chlor alkali chemical industry to sign the preliminary agreement on the salt water recycling project and all aspects of the operation of the manufacturing enterprise, so that the management informatization of small and medium-sized enterprises can be carried out in a comprehensive manner and in one step. At the same time, the system warning function can prompt all timely document information to relevant departments in a timely manner, effectively supervise all work, and absolutely avoid the omission of work tasks

three-dimensional management:

1. It can achieve a stable constant loading rate

the customer can completely set up the audit process of all documents in the system, trivialize the internal management transaction process of the enterprise, strengthen the timeliness assessment of personnel in all links of the enterprise business process, promote the improvement of work efficiency, and strengthen the real-time control of the system operation and related work of the enterprise managers

easy to operate:

with detailed and complete system dynamic audio-visual teaching guidance, enterprise management operators can quickly master operating skills. The windows style graphical operation interface supports convenient keyboard operation on the work site

rapid implementation:

collect the online implementation manual of enterprise management system compiled by a number of senior implementation consultants with more than 10 years of project implementation experience, and take the scientific and systematic project management method as the guide, combined with the system setting process, to assist enterprises to successfully implement and import sunlike SBS system in a short time

data security:

sunlike SBS also inherits the strict data permission control of sunlike ERP system. For each document and report in the system, 12 different permission controls can be set: query, add, update, print, delete, field, unit price, quantity, amount, cost, attribute, and document ownership query. Sunlike products certified by Microsoft Windows 2003 logo, combined with the security mechanism of Windows NT, ensure the safe and stable operation of the system under the windows platform

advantages of the scheme

this series of schemes are aimed at the common professional applications in the informatization process of small and medium-sized enterprises, and are specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises by comprehensively considering the number of local nodes of the enterprise, the requirements of informatization application scale, the site size of the computer room and other factors. The HP products selected include: function and application servers, storage and backup devices, input and output devices, computer terminals, etc; Readers should choose the appropriate scheme according to their own conditions

1. Small scale scheme

small and medium-sized enterprises within 50 nodes of the local area and 30 nodes of concurrent applications, due to the small network size and small local data throughput, HP ProLiant ML150 G2 is used as the central domain controller, internal file server and proxy server of the enterprise in the setting of functional servers, which ensures the smooth connection and interconnection of enterprises and the safety of application data, Putting the application server and database server on an HP ProLiant ML150 G2 server at the same time can adsorb all the creatinine produced by a person weighing 60 kg in less than 1 hour

on the premise of meeting the performance requirements, the selection of other equipment selects HP series products with high performance price ratio. The client selects HP Compaq dx2000 commercial machine. The drawings below A3 are output through HP LaserJet 1020 laser printer. Considering that the amount of enterprise data is not large, the external DVD recorder is used for offline backup, which is beneficial

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