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HP digital printing machine takes the lead in the field of variable printing

in order to meet the needs of the market for personalized production and variable data printing, under what environment is the electronic universal machine installed with the appropriate reprop, press the "print" key to print out all the detection content. The technology is installed in its printing plant in Surrey, UK. This technology belongs to the optimization and assistance of traditional technology. A six color HP indigo press 5000 printing machine is installed. This printer will be used to provide customers with a full range of variable data printing services, including personalized, direct mail and digital printing. HP indigo press 5000 is specially designed for the mass production of short edition, on-demand and personalized prints. Therefore, it can produce 4000 full-color A4 pages per hour

by using this six color HP indigo press 5000 printer, repropoint can now print six colors with special orange and purple inks in addition to the standard CMYK four colors

in addition, customers can also order HP electro ink with special colors and get the ink mixing service. It is said that this mixing technology can match the ink with 97% Pantone color

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