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HP assisted Alcatel Shanghai Bell enterprise restructuring it implementation case

for high-tech enterprises that rely on information construction, the company restructuring is related to the IT project. The hydraulic tensile testing machine universal material PNG meets, just like refitting a moving car, with great risks. The organization has changed and the strategy has changed. How can the original project survive? How to deal with the risks of IT implementation caused by continuous changes

Alcatel Shanghai Bell (hereinafter referred to as ASB) has created a miracle of "success while merging"

on October 23, 2001, the memorandum on the transfer of part of the Chinese equity of Shanghai Bell company to Alcatel company was signed

On May 28, 2002, Alcatel Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd. was established

On July 2, 2002, Alcatel Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation...

a series of history tables linked the names of Alcatel Shanghai Bell and Alcatel. However, at that time CPC@Sbell Zhu Zhanbei, the project director (now ASB vice president and CIO), has a question before him: can the implementation of CPC (Product Collaborative Design), a large-scale project that has been put into construction, continue

strategic breakthrough: CPC "upgrade"

compared with Alcatel's huge empire with 100000 employees and annual sales of more than 10 billion euros in the world, the former Shanghai Bell is just a "little carrot". To integrate into the long-standing ALCA family, the first thing to face is a clear strategy

as early as 2000, due to technical needs, the former Shanghai Bell had to significantly improve the development level and carried out the project planning and construction of CPC. However, the project had not been completed, and the two companies merged

under the change of organizational structure, where will this large-scale project go

asb management realized that the establishment of the new company should have a clear positioning. Through the continuous promotion of CPC project, on the one hand, it can quickly integrate the new company into Alcatel's global knowledge base, cooperate with and promote the realization of Alcatel group's one company strategy, on the other hand, it can show the new company's ability in product development through the promotion of this project

in August 2002, Zhu Zhanbei traveled between the three countries for a week to communicate with Alcatel management

finally got the "recognition" of Alcatel - the former Shanghai Bell CPC@Sbell The project was officially approved as Alcatel global project and renamed as PDM@Alcatel 。 At the same time, similar projects in Italy and Canada can also be merged. Zhu Zhanbei was appointed as the project director of the whole project. From August 2002 to June 2004, Zhu Zhanbei has been the director of the project. HP, PRTM and other companies, which were responsible for the former Shanghai Bell CPC project, soon moved to the stage of implementing the PDM Project for ASB

start with "external brain" PDM

as a globalized Alcatel company, it has many different complex systems and management requirements in its construction for many years. They hope to improve the data tools in development and promote the further development of its product design with the help of the newly established ASB PDM Project, but at the same time, they require the ASB system to be carried out in accordance with the unified product management standards

complex management requirements and changes have become the prominent features of this stage. HP's integration service department, development center, PRTM consulting company and many other partners have combed and optimized business processes for ASB, combed and planned it processes, and finally implemented the system development process for system development. At this stage, ASB established applications such as product information management, change management and configuration management based on the product management platform. Since then, under the leadership of Zhu Zhanbei, the PDM Project of ASB has carried out the third stage - the integration with ERP and other enterprise information systems

PDM Project moves towards "global"

from the start of the project in early 2002 to the customer acceptance in June 2004, ASB's PDM Project announced the successful completion of the development phase, which can be described as "grinding a sword in two years and becoming a sharp weapon in one day"

as the first Alcatel global R & D management reform project led by ASB, the product tensile testing machine should pay attention to life when making samples, but the achievements of the cycle management project after entering the 21st century were highly affirmed at the Alcatel global management annual meeting held in Paris in February 2004. The PDM system developed by the project team, as Alcatel's standard application, has replaced the original PDM system of each business unit, enabling Alcatel to realize the "seamless" connection between product R & D management and market application, so as to realize "design everywhere and manufacture everywhere" in the whole Alcatel family

at present, the PDM Project has entered the fourth stage of the promotion process. According to the plan, the project will continue to be promoted in Germany, Italy, Canada and other countries

user comments

at present, Alcatel headquarters has set up a special organization to coordinate PDM@Alcatel Global implementation and promotion work, but all system development is in Shanghai. The relevant user authentication and performance testing are mainly in Europe

up to today, I think there are several successful factors for this project:

Senior Management's vision

the success of the project has been valued and supported by the company's top management. They even took extreme measures to stop similar projects in some countries, so that the whole project can be integrated. From a strategic perspective, this is the foresight of the company's management. Especially as a multinational company like us, not everyone agrees that we are allowed to find a common solution to manage various types of product design. It is a very successful experience for the top management to have this awareness

successful implementation of methodology

is very important. In the implementation of this project, we have taken into account the project management methodology of HP, the management process of Alcatel project management, and the methodology of PRTM. We have chosen a good partner

the implementation team should have the concept of "one project". We have seen a lot about the failure and fire of intelligent appliances.

as an ASB project, its project members come from many aspects. I advocate that if you enter this team, you are not from Shanghai Bell, Alcatel or HP, but from this project team. Large

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