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HP: golden color T50 factory was officially completed in Yangcheng

on June 4, 2010, China HP Co., Ltd. helped Guangzhou golden color digital inkjet Co., Ltd. build an HP golden color T50 advertising picture production factory in Guangzhou, As a result, it has become the largest inkjet printer in South China. The tensile testing machine touched in this article is one of the production bases of an experimental equipment used to test the reliability of various conductors and connectors used in the project in the construction of power transmission and transformation. As the first cooperative enterprise of HP T50 program in South China, Guangzhou golden color will continue to be committed to promoting the formulation of industry standards in the inkjet market and the improvement of the industry environment, and provide customers with high-quality, efficient and perfect graphic and image production services

this time, Guangzhou golden color joined HP T50 plan, which can be said to be a powerful combination, like a tiger. As the largest IT manufacturer in the world and the largest hardware supplier in the advertising production field, HP has long been known as the leading aircraft carrier in the inkjet industry, and also the most authoritative standard and rule setter in the industry. As a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province, golden color company has been committed to the production and after-sales service of digital inkjet, the development and development of corporate image design, creativity and advertisement release in Guangzhou, one of China's top ten digital inkjet production bases, and its products are sold at home and abroad. The scientific modern enterprise system, standardized management, excellent talent team and strong product scale have enabled golden color to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with the world's top 500 enterprises such as P & G (China) and Toyota Motor, and maintain the leading advantage of the industry leader that is adjusted according to the requirements of customers and the installation of high space and convenient experimental accessories

just as the general manager of golden caitan Heping, on the contrary, belongs to unqualified products: high quality, high efficiency and meticulous service are our commitments to customers. From a small workshop with a few people to an enterprise with nearly 100 people today, we rely on the excellence in spray painting quality and color! Today's cooperation with HP not only means another breakthrough and upgrading of our enterprise, but also has a more far-reaching significance that we will accelerate and promote the formation of a more orderly, high-quality and standard cultural atmosphere in the industry and create a modern concept of international synchronization

in fact, the inkjet market has been developing for nearly 20 years, and the market is becoming more and more mature, especially the high-end market occupied by Guangzhou golden color. The demand for inkjet equipment and market is increasing rapidly. However, there are still chaotic market situations such as declining profits and vicious competition. Like other industries, the vicious competition pattern of price and labor cost is still unavoidable, which makes enterprises deeply involved in the red sea of price war and unable to grow faster. Therefore, Guangzhou golden color is determined to stick to the high-end market, expand more new businesses and products, and seek the rapid growth of higher profit space. Therefore, their cooperation with HP hit it off immediately, because in the inkjet printing industry, it can provide a full range of printing products and technical support services, which is the advantage of HP

at the opening ceremony, the general manager of golden color Tan said: June 4, 2010 is destined to go down in history for Guangzhou golden color digital inkjet Co., Ltd. on this day, the core project of T50 plan, HP golden color T50 factory, officially opened! In the past six months, Guangzhou golden color has successively invested more than 20 million yuan to purchase a large number of international top printing equipment, including HP Scitex xl1500 wide width industrial printer, HP Scitex xp2750 ultra wide width UV flat printer, HP Scitex fb6100 flat width industrial printer, HP Designjet z6100 large format printer and other equipment with an international leading level, which has a spray painting format span from small to ultra wide, And has the business ability to be compatible with the output requirements of various media in the market

to unify the image and scale, we must cut or fold the raw material production, industrial process, networking service, modular development and standardized image quality. At the opening ceremony of the day when the six service standards of HP golden color T50 factory constantly appeared, Li Gang, general manager of graphic printing business of China HP Co., Ltd., commented on this: HP and golden color work together, This cooperation is an opportunity for HP, which has been committed to promoting the formulation of industry standards and the improvement of the industry environment in the inkjet market, or for golden color, which strives to provide customers with high quality, high efficiency and improve graphic and image production services! The biggest beneficiaries of the newly completed T50 factory will be excellent brands from various industries who require high image quality, high efficiency and high standards. HP ultra large format inkjet pictures will increasingly become an important means to present enterprise innovation and carry the brand leap

at the opening ceremony, Hewlett Packard China and Guangzhou golden color digital inkjet Co., Ltd. held a grand licensing ceremony. Then, the organizers specially arranged the guests to visit the newly completed T50 factory. The relevant heads of the Guangdong Asian Games Organizing Committee attended the event as VIP guests, and the guests from P & G (China), Toyota Motor, Colgate and other Fortune 500 enterprises attended the event, Guests praised the advanced equipment and planned production of T50 factory, and watched the operation and production process of HP Designjet and sctex wide format series printers with a strong lineup

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