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HP digital short edition printing makes impossible possible

in the era of digital popularity, our lives are filled with various digital products. Digital household appliances, communication products, and even the printing field are increasingly connected with digital products. Since the emergence of digital printing equipment, once applied, it has achieved great success, which has increased a lot of options for the production mode of printed matter. Digital printing not only has excellent printing quality, but also the color of printed matter is bright and bright. Consumers can get their favorite personalized printed matter in a very short time, and the low production cost is unmatched by traditional printing

application field of digital short edition printing

1 Business printing

high quality printing is an important means to strengthen the communication between enterprises and users and improve the corporate image. Many small commodities that were not valued originally, such as time-lapse printing, 120 ° diamond cone book of product description, user training manual, etc., have become important manifestations that can reflect product quality, improve customer satisfaction, and improve enterprise competitiveness in digital printing

meet their own needs for various document processing through professional digital short edition printing service institutions. From the perspective of market development, adopting outsourcing services will also be an important application field of digital short edition printing in the future. In this way, enterprises can outsource a large number of documents or promotional materials to corresponding service providers, thereby reducing their operating costs; At the same time, through digital short edition printing, we can obtain high-quality and efficient prints with higher measurement from professional suppliers

2. Personalized printing

the business of digital short edition printing industry is mostly business documents with short cycle, flexible quantity and no plate making. Because of these characteristics, personalized printing is possible. With the improvement of people's living standard and consumption level, the quality of baking oven is continuously improved. Personalized printing is gradually developing into an important branch of short edition printing industry in China

personalized prints, such as personal calligraphy, painting and photography collections, personal postcards, personalized invitations and invitations, personal calendars, calendars, holiday cards, personalized certificates, etc

features of digital short edition printing

1 The characteristic of digital short edition printing industry is to let customers get the products they need in the shortest time

2. Cross media services

in the field of digital short edition printing, most customer documents will appear in the form of electronic documents, such as receiving and transmitting documents through local area and Internet, making cross regional printout services necessary

3. Quality reliability

allows customers to obtain professional and meticulous services and exquisite finished products on the basis of paying a reasonable cost, so as to fundamentally ensure the quality requirements of customer documents

4. Variable printing

the output prints can not only be in the form of variable data, but also can be modified and proofread at the same time, so as to meet the needs of customers in the most timely and to the greatest extent

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