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HP inkjet printer ink saving tips

with the popularity of digital technology, printers have gradually entered ordinary households. In the printing system composed of printers and consumables, consumables is a very important link, and it is also one of the most concerned by consumers

users who use printers know that although printers are cheap now, the continuous input of consumables is not a small expense, so saving the cost of consumables can effectively reduce the overall operating cost of the printing process - saving ink is equal to saving money

here are some tips on how to save ink loss during printing, taking HP inkjet printer as an example

first, skillfully use the printing mode

you can set the "print quality" option in the daily printing mode to "fast". Generally, the default print quality of the printer is "normal". Although the print quality is better than "fast", it also costs more ink. When users usually print text or charts, they don't have high requirements for print quality. As long as they can display clearly, compared with san320 and PN ⑴ 17c, they need more additions. In this way, the "fast" parameters can meet the needs, and the printing speed is faster

second, store unused print cartridges with the cartridge protector provided by HP

we know that when the print cartridge is placed in the air, the print ink will volatilize and the nozzle will dry. In this way, when reinstalling and using the ink cartridge, it is necessary to use ink to clear the nozzle, increasing the consumption of non printing ink. Pay attention to the use of ink cartridge protector, which can also achieve the purpose of ink saving

III. finish the last drop of ink

hp inkjet printer supports single cartridge printing. When the black ink is exhausted, HP cartridge complementary technology can produce black by mixing magenta, blue and yellow color inks, and continue to print black-and-white text. It greatly improves the utilization rate of ink, and I have successful cases and test data verification for customers to be convenient and effective. Our on-site service engineers are world-renowned for using professional technology to ensure smooth printing

in addition, in order to save money, some consumers often buy compatible consumables with low prices in the market. In fact, compatible consumables with poor quality are cheap, but they often make users repeat printing due to poor printing quality, which also increases the printing cost. Although the purchase price of original consumables is relatively high, the reassurance and perfect printing quality in the process of use have greatly reduced the overall cost of the printing process. Consumers should choose carefully when purchasing consumables

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