The hottest HP enterprise services invested $1bill

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HP enterprise services invested $1billion to build a data center

HP announced on Tuesday that it would invest $1billion, cut 9000 jobs and strengthen its enterprise service business

HP plans to use this 1billion US dollars to build a data center with significantly improved strength, mechanical performance and product utilization performance in all directions compared with the old generation of products, so as to provide a more comprehensive platform for enterprise customers to run their businesses. HP's restructuring plan will also integrate its data centers, networks and applications. HP predicts that the improvement of automation will make the company cut about 9000 jobs in the next few years

HP's restructuring costs will reach about $1billion in the next few years. HP said that once the restructuring is completed, the company will save about $1billion a year

Tom iannotti, senior vice president and general manager of Enterprise Services Department of HP, said in a statement that the error will be relatively large in the past 20 months, and integrating EDS and improving profitability has always been our central task. As the integration has been basically completed, we have found major opportunities to expand our business. The new generation of services will enable our customers to benefit from the technical advantages that only we can provide

HP's revenue in the latest quarter still maintained a strong momentum of development, with an increase of 13% to more than $30billion, and earnings per share increased to $1.09

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