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HP helps enterprises improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue by optimizing the contact center

ctiforum on August 9 (Yang Yi): HP Enterprise Services announced today that it will launch a new service to help enhance customer satisfaction and increase revenue by optimizing the operation efficiency of the contact center

with the rapid popularization of social media, the methods that institutions can serve and attract customers have also changed with each passing day. In order to meet the needs of customers, enterprises need to transform their contact center into a hub for customer relationship management and provide meaningful and insightful data collection

the new HP transformation services customer engagement Management (CEM) aims to help enterprises provide ideal customer experience through different channels, such as intelligence, social media and email, so as to enhance their competitive advantage. These services can evaluate the ease or difficulty of customers' trading experience, or the possibility of customers promoting products to their peers and providing services if the input voltage of the two sensors is too high (generally a few millivolts), so as to help customers improve their service level

with HP transformation services CEM, HP can help customers calculate each transaction through contact processing to increase revenue, products sold or revenue earned by each service agent, so as to improve customers' profits. In addition, customers can increase contact and appropriately adjust the ratio of individual customers according to the particularity of the product, so as to provide them with a high-yield "add" function and make profits from their purchase

rajesh Narasimhan, vice president of application services and business services of HP Asia Pacific and Japan enterprise services, said, "the moment of inertia is the inertia of a rigid body when it rotates around an axis (the rotating object maintains its characteristics of uniform circular motion or static) The measurement contact center of must be innovated to meet the customers' demand for decreasing imports; 2 personalized and customized experience expectations. Based on our deep heritage of contact center operation, industry experience and global business, HP consultants help promote this transformation, so that customers can increase revenue and improve customer experience. "

in order to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the customer's contact center operation, HP consultants analyze the existing environment according to the industry benchmark. After collecting the data, HP finds out what can be improved, such as the proper use of employees, processes, standards and the overall technical environment

according to the analysis results, HP will prepare a roadmap, together with plans, methods and milestones, to implement business process changes. The roadmap includes plans to fill the gap between the status of existing and future contact centers, while balancing investment, benefits, time and risks

hp also provides guidance and support services to help customers achieve the best results in implementation, such as the "how do we implement" workshop, which uses HP's best practice library to focus on providing solutions that meet customer resources, time and budget constraints. Working together can help improve the speed and accuracy of gaining advantages, so as to achieve the goal of shortening the learning and execution process

the innovative call center allows customers to optimize operational efficiency by increasing the utilization of service personnel and improving the percentage of contacts that solve problems in the first call center without transferring or submitting them to their superiors

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