The hottest HP indigo5500 enters standard printing

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HP indigo 5500 enters standard printing company

HP recently announced that standard printing company has installed a six color HP indigo press 5500 printing machine, which makes the company have digital printing ability for the first time in history

because indigo press 5500 printing machine has super productivity, high-level color management system and support function for a variety of substrates, standard printing company can also produce a variety of short edition and high-yield live parts for customers, from traditional direct mail, book and manual printing to plastic and vinyl material printing. Yield strength and hardness

the reason why senior managers of standard company choose HP indigo press 5500 printing machine is mainly because its printing effect and feeling are very close to offset printing, and it adopts HP's unique electronic ink technology. According to the company, the equipment was installed earlier this year and was put into production on the first day of installation

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