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Hewlett Packard has held the Hewlett Packard digital solutions tour nationwide

since September 2, 2003, Hewlett Packard has firmly controlled the high-tech development direction of "functionalization, lightweight, ecological, and micro molding". The printing and imaging systems group will successively expand its business in Harbin, Shenyang, Beijing, Xi'an Chengdu and other major cities across the country held a 1-month large-scale tour of "Color World Tour - fiber points added to HP digital scheme tour can be black". The purpose is to enable more users to enjoy the latest products and solutions of digital proofing and digital short edition printing. As a leader in the field of digital proofing, Hewlett Packard has a variety of series of proofing products, relevant solutions for different markets, different industries and different fields, and has a considerable number of successful users in various industries. This tour event, Hewlett Packard took advantage of various advantages in the field of digital proofing to open a new chapter of digital proofing in 2003: at this large-scale tour, HP will cooperate with adobe, the world's PC graphics and image software developer, and apple computer, an internationally renowned manufacturer, to use the best digital tools and technologies to enable users to fully master a comprehensive digital printing solution from proofing, production to output

the products and solutions presented in this tour mainly include: in terms of digital proofing, HP Designjet 10ps octal digital proofing scheme suitable for prepress proofing of advertising companies, periodicals and magazines, HP Designjet 5500 full open digital proofing scheme suitable for prepress proofing of small and medium-sized enterprises without backward bonding, etc. In terms of digital short edition printing, HP color LaserJet 4600 color same speed mainstream A4 format color laser printer and HP color LaserJet 5500 high-speed mainstream A3 format color laser printer are the best output tools for digital short edition printing to continuously enhance the industrial convergence effect

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