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Heat treatment of die casting die parts: annealing

annealing includes spheroidizing annealing after forging and stress relief annealing during die making. Its main purpose: to improve the crystalline structure in the raw material stage; Easy to process and reduce hardness; Prevent deformation and quenching cracks after processing, so as to remove internal stress

(1) spheroidizing annealing

after the die steel is forged, the internal structure of the steel becomes unstable crystallization, with high hardness and difficult cutting. Moreover, the steel in this state has large internal stress, is easy to deform and crack after processing, and has poor mechanical properties. In order to make the carbide crystallization become spheroidal stability. 2. The measurement of deformation is measured through the installation of deformation measurement, which is used to measure the deformation of the sample during the experimental process In this installation, it is estimated that in 2021 (2) 022, there are two chucks on the electric vehicle, which are connected with the photoelectric encoder installed on the top of the measurement installation through the 1-series transmission head structure. When the interval between the two chucks changes, the axis of the photoelectric encoder will be driven to change, and the photoelectric encoder will have pulse signal output Then the processor processes this signal, and the deformation of the sample can be obtained Spheroidizing annealing is required for the microstructure

(2) stress relief annealing

machining die steel with residual stress will produce deformation after machining, and develop headquarters economy. If there is still stress after machining, great deformation or quenching crack will occur during quenching. In order to prevent these problems, stress relief annealing must be carried out

German heat treatment experts have repeatedly emphasized this point. The German data he brought also proves that it is an indispensable and important process in the mold manufacturing process to carry out the stress relief annealing process after Germany has made clear each step

we insist on three times of stress relief annealing in the process of mold manufacturing:

(1) when cutting more than 1/3 of the volume of raw materials or deep machining 1/2 of the thickness of raw materials, the machining allowance is 5 ~ 10mm, and the first stress relief annealing is carried out

(2) when there is an allowance (2 ~ 5mm) for finishing, carry out the second stress relief annealing

(3) carry out the third stress relief annealing after mold test and before quenching

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