Health and protection of the hottest coating

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Health and protection of coating

in the coating, there are various solvents containing benzene and benzene compounds, such as toluene, xylene, etc. Ethanol, butanol and other commonly used industrial solvents in diluents are also toxic to jointly build scientific and technological innovation research and development and transformation platforms, and some are even highly toxic, such as methanol. The existence of these toxic substances has certain toxicity to the human nervous system, respiratory system and skin, and the most common phenomena such as benzene poisoning and lacquer poisoning occur. In the process of painting, a large amount of volatile gas is often produced and diffused in the air. These large amounts of toxic hot gases, if inhaled by the human body, will cause nervous system diseases, usually dizziness, palpitations, nausea and vomiting and other reactions. If fingers and other parts are often exposed to various solvents and toxic gases, it will also cause skin corrosion, degreasing, itching, roughness, cracking and other diseases

in the spraying environment, work for 8h every day. Although working in a safe environment, everyone's sensitivity and tolerance are not exactly the same. The longer the time, the cumulative, it is inevitable that the body will not be affected. Therefore, in the painting workplace, we must take necessary protective measures, which can be considered from the following aspects

first, establish the idea of safety first and enhance the concept of protection

when painting construction, we must establish the idea of safety first, enhance the concept of protection and implement specific safety protection measures. First of all, we should understand the types and characteristics of the paint, the ways in which the toxicity hurts the human body, the precautions for the use of the paint, and the first-aid measures when poisoning may occur. Especially when working indoors, in cabins, underground construction sites, mines, vehicles and other environments with poor ventilation or no ventilation at all, it is not allowed to exceed the allowable maximum concentration of solvents and working time limits

construction personnel must know and master the packaging marks of toxic solvents in advance, and master the safe use methods of solvents. In particular, the person in charge of construction and relevant personnel responsible for safety must establish a clear post system, supervise and inspect the implementation of safety production and labor protection regulations and relevant operating procedures. It is necessary to supervise the construction methods, the distribution and use of labor protection articles, and the normal operation of exhaust and ventilation equipment, and regularly carry out safety education for construction personnel, firmly establish the idea of safety first and the concept of labor protection, timely eliminate all kinds of unsafe hidden dangers, and ensure safe production

II. Ensure the normal operation of construction equipment and safety protection devices

in the process of coating construction, correct construction technology, normal and intact construction equipment and safety protection devices are the fundamental guarantee of safety production inspection interlocking and safety devices, which are indispensable and a complete system engineering

today, with the rapid development of science and technology, and in the modern era when everyone attaches importance to safety production, the general coating production site has relatively good conditions. However, in some maintenance enterprises, some township enterprises have poor conditions, which often lead to one or another problems. This is a weak link, which should be paid attention to. Unsafe hidden dangers should be eliminated in terms of technology, construction equipment and safety protection devices. According to the specific situation of coating production, consider the configuration and use of coating construction equipment and safety protection devices. For volatile solvents used in indoor construction, closed equipment or exhaust devices should be used to prevent equipment leakage. If painting inside the tank or tank, make sure that the exhaust volume and air intake volume are balanced. In short, there should be necessary construction equipment and safety protection devices to ensure the safety of coating production

III. improve the construction environment and ensure normal ventilation

for the spraying construction site, normal ventilation is very important, which is the fundamental measure to prevent fire and explosion accidents, and also an important means to prevent harmful gases from exceeding the standard. Generally, the area of windows and other openings directly ventilated with the outside world should be more than 1/20 of the floor area of the coating workshop before normal ventilation can be carried out. If there is ventilation equipment with good performance, it can not be limited by the above proportion. The actual situation of coating production, the amount and type of paint used are constantly changing, and the generation and emission of volatile gases are not balanced, and they all change irregularly with time, region and spraying conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out necessary tests frequently, strictly rely on its pure water-based Pu technology and rich experience in the textile industry, control the "three wastes" exceeding the standard, find problems and solve them in time, and never have the idea of once and for all

IV. strengthen the detection of construction environment, strictly prevent the "three wastes" from exceeding the standard

indoor construction, and check the air concentration at least once every six months to maintain a good construction environment. This is put forward under the condition that the coating production is relatively normal without any difference. For large changes in coating production, such as large changes in output and process, important parts, that is, parts with large unsafe factors, must be tested in time. Master the change status of data of each part, so as to take corresponding measures. For the widely used organic mixed solvents, such as acetone, xylene, toluene, acetic alcohol, dichloroethane, etc., the pollution degree must be checked regularly and the sampling position must be determined. It is mainly selected in the interior of the exhaust, near the exhaust outlet, floor, ceiling and other parts, and the concentration distribution is measured, and the places with the same plane spacing are selected as the measurement points. Check with the control standard according to the measured data and distribution. In case of exceeding the standard, corresponding measures should be taken to deal with it, so as to prevent accidents and ensure a good and safe environment for construction

v. protection of operators

during the coating process, operators operate in the construction site, directly in the place with paint and solvent, and all kinds of toxic gases and solvents are everywhere, filling the whole place. Therefore, it is very necessary to protect the operators. This is also an important part of painting safety technology

construction personnel should wear all kinds of protective equipment during coating operation, such as work clothes, gloves, masks, masks, glasses, shoes and hats, etc. Do not let the solvent touch the skin. At the same time, rub the exposed skin with medical Vaseline or other skin care products. Special attention should be paid to the spraying operation site where the solvent has low boiling point, fast volatilization and high toxicity, and is easy to be inhaled into the trachea, so as to prevent it from being inhaled into the lungs

when the concentration of toxic gas volatilized during construction is high, it has serious stimulation and harmful effect on human nerves, and can cause cramps, dizziness, coma, pupil dilation and other symptoms. At low concentration, headache, nausea, fatigue and abdominal pain also occur. If not protected in time, it can cause anorexia, damage hematopoietic system and chronic poisoning in long-term contact

paint can not only be inhaled through the lungs, but also be absorbed through the skin and stomach. The long-term contact between the human surface and the paint is the key problem to be solved by the pen control technology. It can dissolve the fat on the surface of the skin, causing the skin to dry, crack, redden and may cause skin diseases

some paints and pigments contain toxic ingredients, such as red lead, lead chrome yellow, etc. this kind of paint should be brushed, preferably not sprayed. When using, preventive measures should be taken. This coating can cause acute or chronic lead poisoning. It is best to choose other coatings instead to reduce the possibility of poisoning

after painting in the spraying room, do not stop the ventilation equipment immediately, let it continue to operate for a period of time, and discharge the residual paint mist and solvent volatile gas

after painting, if the operator feels that the dry trachea is caused by the evaporation of solvent in the paint mist, he should drink more warm water. When cleaning the spray gun and tools, try not to make the skin contact with the solvent. After completion, wipe off Vaseline or other skin care products on the skin, and then wash your hands and face with warm water and soap. It is best to take a shower often

physical examination should be carried out regularly for coating operators, and operators with poisoning should be given corresponding medical treatment in time

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