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Head of the "sky fish" investigation team: the purchase price of the fish is 30 yuan per kilogram

learned from the Songbei district government of Harbin, Heilongjiang province that the special investigation team of the "sky fish" incident in Songbei District has completed the investigation of relevant issues, determined that this is a serious violation of the rights and interests of consumers, and made the punishment decisions such as revoking the business license of the hotel involved and imposing a fine of 500000 yuan on the owner, At the same time, the accountability procedures for the heads and staff of relevant departments shall be initiated. CCTV, such as Wang Yuejun, also had an exclusive interview with Ding Wei, the head of the investigation team this morning

is a bad event that seriously infringes on the rights and interests of consumers

: there are several focuses on the sky high price fish incident. First of all, we are more concerned about whether the fish itself is short of weight. For consumer Chen Yan, it's ten jin four Liang. For hotel, it's fourteen Jin four Liang. Which is accurate

person in charge: we sent an investigation team to verify with Chen Yan himself. At the same time, we also found the relevant personnel of the hotel. Both sides insisted on their own words. Chen Yan's statement is 10.4 Jin, and the result of our investigation team after verification is still 14.4 Jin

: here is a confirmation sheet. For 10.4 kg or 14.4 kg, there is a signature on the confirmation sheet. Is it confirmed whether the waiter signs the confirmation sheet on behalf of the customer or secretly later

person in charge: through our investigation, this word is not signed by Chen Yan himself, it should be signed by the waiter, but as for whether Chen Yan agrees to let the waiter sign, this is not known

: there are also many focus issues that we think, who will hit people first

person in charge: through our access to the video and on-site verification, mutual pushing and shoving occurred

according to the investigation, the first person to do it was the customer eating in the same restaurant

: who moved the hand first

person in charge: according to our investigation, a person surnamed Shao who was eating in the hotel at the same time started first

: is this person on the hotel side or the consumer side

person in charge: neither side. He is another consumer eating here

: Chen Yan also said that after the police arrived at the scene, the hotel staff also hit him on the head. Can this be confirmed

person in charge: through our retrieval of the video and on-site verification, the hotel owner Ma hit Chen Yan on the head

pretending to be wild with a price of 190 yuan, the purchase order is forged

: there is also a problem of concern, that is, the price of fish itself, 398 yuan/Jin. During the actual investigation, can we confirm whether there is price fraud in this process

person in charge: get his purchase order through us, and then understand the purchase channel of fish. The purchase price is about 30 yuan/Jin

: is it wild or farmed

person in charge: we verified that this is artificially bred, not wild

: during our interview, the hotel issued us a purchase order. The purchase order was purchased from an aquatic product store, which marked the price of shad 190 yuan/Jin. This is different from the 30 yuan/Jin you mentioned. Is this fake

person in charge: through our verification, 7. Analysis: the required calculation (i.e. fracture stress, specified non proportional yield) and the list of user-defined calculation functions are forged

"sky fish" hotel has other violations

: everyone said that this hotel has many violations, such as the problem of name and license. What are the investigation results in this regard

person in charge: through the investigation, we checked it with the support of a large number of friends. The registered name of the business license of the hotel is Beian fishing village, and the word wild was added during the operation, which is inconsistent with the original registration certificate

: what does this mean

person in charge: violating relevant industrial and commercial registration regulations and committing fraud

: there is another problem with the license. Some people say it is expired. Can this be confirmed

person in charge: the catering license of: (hotel) has expired, and the period is until February 4, 2016

: the purchase order he issued to us was 190 yuan/Jin, which was actually 30 yuan/Jin. Can it be regarded as price fraud

person in charge: we think that there are market guiding prices and national pricing. At the same time, this price should be adjusted through the market. This price should be said to be a little falsely high

a fine of 500000 will be imposed if the hotel business license is revoked

: is it in violation of the relevant price law

person in charge: from the legal level, especially from the perspective of the price law, there is no clear statement

: is it a fraud to buy cultivated herrings as wild herrings

person in charge: it is a fraud

: for this hotel, we have checked so many facts. What penalties may be imposed on this hotel

person in charge: for a series of illegal acts such as hotel cheating consumers and expired catering licenses, we will revoke our business license and impose a fine of 500000 yuan

tourists from Shanghai and other places reported that the "slaughtered" situation is still under verification

: in the process of this event, some tourists from Shanghai and Zhejiang also reported that the hotel was slaughtered during the dining process. Has this aspect been verified

person in charge: we are also verifying

: will there be corresponding investigation results

person in charge: after the result comes out, refer to relevant laws and regulations (for processing)

: there are also some claims that tour guides and taxi drivers in this hotel take kickbacks and then take commissions to deceive tourists. Is there such a survey result

person in charge: through our investigation, including the evidence collection of the hotel operator, this hotel once had the behavior of kickbacks for tour guides, but this time, Chen Yan's trip to Heilongjiang did not happen

to relevant people, judging from the intensive issuance of price raising letters by paper enterprises this year, the special investigation team of the "skyfish" incident launched an accountability procedure against relevant units and staff in Songbei district according to the investigation results, and will deal with them seriously in accordance with relevant regulations and procedures. Through this event, it also caused the reflection of relevant functional departments

: in the course of this incident, we also mentioned, for example, that there are irregularities in smoking when the police perform their official duties. Can this confirm that the police perform their official duties irregularly

person in charge: through our investigation, this phenomenon exists. Because in the process of mediation, the police did not form a key agreement to further promote the success of the supply side reform, and at the same time, they had nonstandard language and smoking behavior in the process of police dispatch

: will this policeman be held accountable

person in charge: according to the internal regulations of the regulations of the people's Republic of China on the administration of police, it belongs to non-standard law enforcement and bears part of it accordingly

: (February) on the 13th, Mr. Chen exposed on his network that he was slaughtered for eating in a hotel, and there were some unpleasant conflicts. On the 15th, the investigation team came to a preliminary conclusion that there was no violation of the law, but later, there was an unreasonable place, and there was a party whose investigation results were inaccurate. The investigation results appeared so quickly, with local protection color, or we were in the investigation, our work was imperfect and our ability was insufficient. How to understand

person in charge: this problem is like this, because on February 9, after Mr. Chen had a dispute with the store owner after dining in the wild fishing village on the North Bank of Songbei, Harbin, on the 13th, he posted a microblog. On the 14th, it was our first day of work. After receiving this microblog (report), we (went to face) this matter, and we also transferred some full-time personnel to verify this problem. In response to the heated discussion among friends, this work should be carried out in a timely manner. However, since Mr. Chen left us three contact ways - two, one - and we couldn't get in touch, in this case, we took evidence unilaterally, including the public security department, and formed a preliminary investigation report on the data collected at that time, which was released to the public in order to actively (respond to) the attention of social media

: at that time, without communicating with Chen Yan, a unilateral investigation result was released. You will imagine whether it was a method adopted by local protection

person in charge: No, we want to restore the truth as soon as possible. When we released the results of the first stage of investigation, we also asked Mr. Chen to come forward, respond to us and cooperate with our investigation

: there are things like (hotels) inaccurate approved names and expired business dates. In fact, why was there no investigation in this regard at that time

person in charge: this should be due to some mistakes in our work

: will there be corresponding accountability measures for the mistakes of our investigation team

person in charge: Yes, in view of some mistakes made by some staff in their work, the Songbei District Party committee and the district government have made administrative accountability to some personnel of the relevant Songbei District Market Administration Bureau, Songbei District Urban Management Bureau and the public security branch

: we say that we can't make a pot of soup because of a fishy fish. We can't affect the catering enterprises in Harbin or the image of Harbin because of the non-standard operation of a catering enterprise. After this event and caused such a big response, how do you think to reflect on all aspects

person in charge: this has led us to a high degree of reflection. At the same time, we draw inferences from one instance. In the future process, we will strengthen the supervision of the market in accordance with the law, create a good atmosphere and ensure the safety of the people's tongue

: on February 19, the State Council issued a notice on the comprehensive supervision of the tourism market, listing a lot of matters. By comparison, what do you think we lack

person in charge: we lack some supervision systems in some links. At the same time, we need to improve the quality of managers and strengthen government supervision. At the same time, we also welcome the supervision of all sectors of society

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