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Distributing "plastic laver" video was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment

yesterday, Jinjiang court of First Instance sentenced the defendant Wang Mouxiang involved in the "plastic laver" rumor mongering event to commit the crime of extortion, sentenced him to fixed-term imprisonment of 1 year and 10 months and fined 30000 yuan

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at the beginning of this year, Wang Mouxiang recorded a video of "plastic laver" without investigation and verification, spreading rumors on the Internet, causing huge losses to Jinjiang laver production enterprises

Jinjiang court found that on April 25 this year, after eating laver produced by a Food Co., Ltd. in Jinjiang, Wang suspected that laver was made of plastic. Without basis, without reporting to relevant departments, and without investigation and verification, he recorded a video of "laver is made of plastic" and posted it in a circle of friends. Subsequently, Wang took the initiative to contact the victim company and asked Chen, a staff member of the victim company, for 100000 yuan, threatening to make things worse if the company did not want to solve it. The murdered company became a policeman

on the morning of April 26, after asking the company for instructions, Mr. Chen said he was willing to pay 53000 yuan. Mr. Wang insisted on 100000 yuan, and threatened to rise to 150000 yuan if he didn't give it again. On the same day, the murdered company was forced to remit 53000 yuan to Wang Mouxiang without the knowledge of the public security organ

Jinjiang court also found that the laver involved in the case was a qualified product after testing. After the incident, Wang Mouxiang voluntarily surrendered, and his family returned 53000 yuan of stolen money to the murdered company on his behalf

during the trial, Wang Mouxiang confessed to his criminal act

Jinjiang court held that the defendant Wang Mouxiang took illegal possession as the purpose of China, not the world factory, and took threats to forcibly ask for other people's property. The amount was huge, and his behavior constituted the crime of extortion. In combination with his circumstances of voluntary surrender, good attitude of confession and repentance, withdrawal of all stolen money and prepayment of all fines, the defendant Wang Mouxiang was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of 1 year and 10 months and a fine of 30000 yuan for the crime of extortion

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Jinjiang court reminded: consumers should not credulous rumors or spread false information. If they fabricate and spread false facts, damage others' business reputation and commodity reputation, cause heavy losses to others, or have other serious circumstances, they may constitute the crime of damaging business reputation and commodity reputation. If there are other illegal acts, they may be convicted of one felony or punished for several crimes. For the purpose of illegal possession, the defendant threatened the injured company with video and forcibly demanded property. The amount was huge, and his behavior constituted the crime of extortion

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